Lush: Cherry Blossom Reusable Bubble Bar


I first came across this product in Boxes of Foxes‘ Oxford Street Haul video back in May, so when it popped up in the Kitchen this week, I had to get one. The bubble bar is absolutely adorable. Shaped like cherry blossoms and presented on an actual stick from the outdoors.

Outdoors *shudders*

Cherry Blossom smells, as you would expect, like cherries but it also has an almond edge to it that reminded me of bakewell tarts. It costs £5.95 which is more expensive that the larger bubble bars Lush offer, but as its reusable, you’d expect more for your money in the long run.

I used it last night and this morning, running it under the tap for about 30 seconds. The blossoms now look significantly thinner and on my next use the smaller one seems like it might fall off. Using it this way produced a sad amount of bubbles, which admittedly were fluffy but dissipated after about 5 minutes. Next time I think I’ll break off a piece (which seems an awful shame) and crumble it under the tap like I normally do. It also left the water a baby pink colour however, unfortunately that was about as exciting as it got. My skin is really soft but no scent was left behind and I couldn’t smell it while I was in the bath at all.

Overall, visually its gorgeous but its not one of the better products Lush has to offer and I probably won’t buy it again.


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