Lush Liverpool Visit 19/11/15

My good friend Samm (SaBre) and I had planned a girly day to commemorate my 27th (gulp) birthday earlier this week. We decided on face masks, pyjamas, pizza and Netflix, along with a quick trip to Lush. As you may have gathered, I love a good Lush haul, but with depleted funds (from previous hauls) and over a week until payday, we had to settle for trading in our empties for a free fresh face mask at the Liverpool store, whilst faffing with all the “try me” pots on display. For more information about Lush’s recycling/trade in initiative, click here.

We settled on Oatifix, which promised smooth exfoliated skin and boasted ingredients such as oatmeal, banana and ground almonds. It sounded fantastic. We used it later that afternoon, the texture was like Angels on Bare Skin when made into a paste, it also smelled like banana oatmeal which was nice. For Samm it was somewhat successful, but left me with oily, itchy and spotty skin. I washed it off after about 3 minutes. It was a shame, but it was free and I can’t complain. Before making our purchase, I dragged Samm to the body lotions and forced her to smell Celebrate, which is, in my opinion, the best smelling product Lush have ever produced, where we got talking to one of the staff about the display.

His name was Kyle, nicknamed Spud, and we spent a good 15 minutes having a lovely chat, going over the new products and talking about our favourites. When I mentioned I had recently fallen in love with Rose Jam shower gel, he offered me a sample of Ro’s Argan body conditioner, which I have been dying to try. He returned with a sample of Ro’s Argan and Celebrate for me, and 2 samples of Celebrate for Samm. We had been discussing massage bars previously, and Spud kindly gave us a free one of our choosing, stating that we had been great customers and it was his act of kindness for the day. Samm picked Each Peach (and two’s a pair) as she loved the scent. This simply act of generosity really made our afternoon and I cannot thank Spud enough for his genuine kindness and interest in our Lush experience. That being said, I have never had a bad experience in the Liverpool store and personally feel it is a credit to the company.


At the checkout, I also picked up one of the new formula You’ve Been Mangoed bath oils which smells exactly like its predecessor – not of mango but of lemon and lime. It’s about the size of a Ferrero Rocher, but more oval and comes in a green with patches of yellow showing through. It’s actually a really nice design, more interesting that the old bar. I’ll review this product in the next few weeks.

For a quick ice cream fix, I had a Malteasers McFlurry on the way home, which was very disappointing.



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