Lush: Red FUN

When I develop a new interest, I tend to immerse myself in it totally. With Lush, I tried every product I could get my hands on and yet, until this month, I had never tried any of their FUN. I’d read reviews, made myself a little model of a dragon in store, and still hadn’t had the urge to purchase one of their Play Doh-like offerings. I had always regarded them as novelty products and assumed they’d have no real benefits until the Christmas range was released with the glittery juniper-scented Magic of Christmas FUN which piqued my interest.

Recently, I received the Happy Bathday gift set and with it I got a 200g block of Red FUN. Its scented with orange and mandarin oils, which happens to be my favourite scent type. Roughly about the length of my palm, I envisioned this product wouldn’t last very long, and I was right – not because you need a lot to work with, but because I can’t stop using it. I’ve only got a couple of baths worth left after 11 days.

FUN can be used as bubble bath, shampoo and as soap, all of which I have tried multiple times. When washing my body and face, it leaves my skin soft and smelling lightly of orange. As bubble bath, I found it easiest to hold in a closed palm, letting the water run through my fingers so that it fills the bath with a mountain of frothy bubbles; but if you have a tea strainer or small sieve, these would work much better. My only complaint is that the bubbles don’t last too long, but a little bit more FUN can counteract that.

IMG_20151119_091159 20151119_091123

But the real winner is using it as shampoo. For my waist length, insanely thick and wavy hair, I need a blob about the size of a Malteaser. I make this into a thick paste in my hands and a little water, then massage into my hair like I would normal shampoo, leaving it on for a few moments before rinsing quickly and easily – no residue and no bits left behind, unlike other Lush shampoos (I’m looking at you, Curly Wurly). My hair is soft, frizz free and easy to manage, even without conditioner. I’ve also been using a sample pot of Hair Custard to combat my frizz, which works wonders with FUN; simply smooth a finger tip or two through damp hair and blow dry/style as normal.

Overall, this was an unexpected winner and I now finally understand why the Lushies are so obsessed with their FUN.


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