Millie Marotta’s Animal Kingdom: An Adult Colouring Book

Like many other people, my first impression of the adult colouring book craze was to be slightly confused. Then I remembered the hours I’d spent scribbling away on my grandparent’s living room floor as a child and wrapped up in nostalgia, I popped down to Rymans and picked one up a month or so ago.


Cute right? There are loads of pictures of animals and patterns, quite intricate designs. They are stunning and hat’s off to Miss Marotta for coming up with them. It seemed a little bit intimidating at first, but once I got started I found it quite relaxing. What I did not expect was for my hand to seize after a while. It’s been a very long time since I coloured anything, and ages since I’ve used an actual pencil. Overall, I enjoyed doing it and found it relaxing but not overly so. Its a fun way to pass the time, but not something I could see myself doing as a little hobby as such, after I’ve finished this book (which will take at least a year) I won’t be buying another one.


The beginnings of Cyril the Octopus and his sassy tentacles

If you’re looking for something to help you wind down after a long day and still let you accomplish something, then the world of adult colouring books may interest you. I’m simply not that into it.


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