Lovely Locks Hair Detangler

I have a lot of hair. And when I say a lot, what I mean is enough to make a wig out the leftover hair on my brush – that I clean out weekly. Add in, thick, naturally coarse waves that frizz even in the Winter and you will understand that it takes a lot to keep my hair looking normal. In the summer I end up looking like Monica in Barbados. Humidity is not my friend.


I’ve been looking at Tangle Teezers for a while as they promised they’d be able to brush through my hair quickly and easily, without snapping, but I hadn’t gotten around to picking one up. On a recent trip to B&M,  I came across the Lovely Locks Hair Detangling Brush and picked one up to give it a go.


First of all, how cute is it! Shaped like a pink flower, the brush is about the size of my palm so it fits perfectly when brushing through my hair. The brushes are plastic and all different lengths but they feel a little bit flimsy, so I don’t know how long it will last. I’ve been keeping it as a work brush in my bag, using it at least once a day for the last 3 weeks and I’ve found no wear and tear yet, but for the price I don’t expect it to last forever.



The brush slides through my very thick hair quickly and easily, not even snagging on any knots. My hair tangles so fast and if I’m honest, I was very surprised. A work colleague borrowed it and said it works just as well as the name brand version.

For only £1, this product is a bargain and great for traveling. I would recommend this to parents of kids who don’t like their hair brushed as it doesn’t hurt one bit.


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