Lush: Zing and Zest Gift Box


I was lucky enough to receive the Zing and Zest for my birthday back in November. The gift set is a new Christmas product for 2015. If I’m honest, I’d spent a lot of time perusing the new gifts and had never paid much attention to Z&Z and until I opened it, I had no idea of just how good it is. Z&Z contains 11 products – all designed to wake you up in the morning. First of all, look at the box. It’s gorgeous and SO difficult to reassemble – hence the crappily tied ribbon. I’ve since sorted out my Lush collection and the box comes in handy for storing bath bombs, bubble bars etc. Because let’s face it, it’s too cute to throw away.

The best way to review this gift set is to do it product by product, so here we go! In no particular order:


Miranda Soap – 100g – Permanent Line
I’ve often looked at this soap in the shop, sniffed it and put it back while dismissing it as “just a fruity soap”. My mum loves it. It’s recently been re-vamped and is now a more modern looking product. It used to look like this (aka a vintage recipe nightmare). The scent of Kiwi is strongest in this product and it leaves your skin clean and smelling nice, but on the dry side – which a bit of moisturiser will combat. Its nice as a one off, but probably not something I will buy again as I’m not a massive fan of the scent.


Pumice Power – 70g – Permanent Line
If I’m completely honest, I totally ignore my feet. There are a mode of transportation and avoided at all costs. The last time I even painted my toenails I was in high school. If I ever receive any foot products, they go into the cosmetics drawer of my dressing table until they expire or I find someone to give them to. But, I knew I was going to review this gift set so I decided to stop being oblivious to foot products and gave it ago at the end of my bath one evening.

I was totally surprised at how much better my feet felt after using this. To anyone who hasn’t used a foot pumice powder/scrub before (I had to google it to be 100% sure tbh), you wet your feet and rub this over any hard skin, then give the soap a good rub in with your hands and rinse. Whilst it couldn’t reverse 27 years of neglect, it has somewhat softened my heels. Its easy and quick to use, its solid enough that it doesn’t turn to mush when in use and it dries completely without having to leave it away from the bath – although I would recommend moving it out of the way if you’re in the shower as it is a naked product, after all. The price is £3.75 which, for Lush, is cheap and I anticipate this will last me a good few months. This is definitely the surprise of the box.


Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair) – Permanent Line
I’m not a lover of Lush’s massage bars. I’ve previously used Shades of Earl Grey which smelled nice although I didn’t really like it. Each Peach smells of lime and mandarin (two of my favourite scents) and belongs to the same scent family as You’ve Been Mangoed which caught my attention. The bar included in the set is also about half the size as the one available in the shops, I reasoned that if I didn’t like it, there wouldn’t be much waste.

I used it after a bath one night and it went on fairly easily, but no matter how much I rubbed it in, the oil still stayed on my skin, leaving me feeling greasy and a little bit unclean – this was the main reason I disliked SoEG. While the bar itself is quite strongly scented, it doesn’t last on the skin for more than an hour or so. The next morning, my skin didn’t feel particularly hydrated which was a shame. Unfortunately, this will befall the same fate as SoEG – cut into chunks to use as last resort bath melts.


Celebrate Body Lotion – Christmas Line – 45g
Until the last 12 months I had no interest in Lush at all – unless I was buying gifts for other people – so you can imagine how infuriated I am with myself for all those years of not purchasing Celebrate.

On first glance, I thought “oh, another orange scented product”. I took a sniff: “meh, smells like Calpol”. Luckily, my hands were feeling dry so I took a small fingertip and rubbed it my palms and in that moment I regretted every disinterested thought I’d ever had. The second it hits the skin, the scent of Celebrate transforms into gorgeous Brazilian Orange with lime and almond undertones. It left my skin soft and supple, even with the smallest amount of product. I immediately put the lid back on and put it away so I wouldn’t use it until I purchase another pot – I refuse to not have this to hand from now on!


The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub – Permanent Collection
Scented with the Lushie Halloween favourite scent, Lord of Misrule, TRWTS is a coarse sugar scrub that unless properly wet, WILL rip your skin off. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but I’ve often found the solid scrubs to be painful to use so, as you can understand, I was very wary of using this.

I used it in the bath, just before I was about to get out and rubbed it over wet, recently shaved legs. At first, it did hurt a bit but once the block started to take on some of the water, it softened. I don’t think my legs have ever been so soft! The scent is gorgeous and for a total fragrance immersion, I definitely recommend using it with LOM bath bomb and shower cream – as well as a bit of Monsters and Alien’s FUN for bubbles/shampoo but Magic of Christmas FUN works just as well. The only issue is that if you don’t store it properly, it’ll disintegrate into mush. Which might be less painful to use but will mould quickly.


Baked Alaska Soap – Christmas Line – 100g
This is my third block of Baked Alaska this year. I LOVE this soap. Boasting lemon and grapefruit scents, along with ylang ylang for more floral notes, BA smells stunning. It lathers quickly and easily and the block lasts a long while – even if kept in the shower. It always leaves my skin soft and hydrated with a lovely citrus scent that lingers throughout the day. My only complaint is that its a seasonal product.


Christingle Body Conditioner – Christmas Line – 45g
I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Christingle. On one hand, it smells fresh and leaves your skin so, so soft. But on the other hand the mint burns. I don’t have sensitive skin but I’ve never been one to tolerate much mint. Even strong toothpaste and chewing gum irritates me, particularly peppermint. Whilst I want to adore this, simply because I feel like I could slide off satin sheets after using it, I’m still not convinced.


Refresher Shower Jelly – Permanent Line – 100g
I recently tried Lush’s shower jellies for the first time and I’ve fallen in love. They’re fun to use, last ages and you can freeze them for an extra zing in the mornings. Modeled after the sweets of the same name, Refresher does not disappoint. It’s bright gold and smells like freshly squeezed lemons. I prefer to use my blob of jelly whole and straight on the skin, but other Lushies have been known to cut it into chunks and use with a shower pouf or sponge. It goes on easily and lathers more quickly than others like Needles and Pines (which is my favourite) so you don’t use as much – definitely do not leave this in the shower as it will literally disappear down the drain. After using, I feel much more awake and don’t often need to apply moisturiser – which for lazy girls like me, is a winner.


Beautiful Shower Gel – Permanent Line – 100g
You can see why Beautiful has made it to the permanent line of Lush products. It smells like peaches and apricots. It’s glittery. A little bit goes a long way and the price isn’t too steep. At £4.95 for 100g, it’s the same price as others that don’t last as long such as The Comforter Shower Cream and The Olive Branch. I would never have given this product a second glance in the store but I’m so glad I had the chance to try it.


Yuzu and Cocoa Shower Cream – Permanent Line – 100g
I very recently smelled this in store and thought it was disgusting. The label states it is scented with chocolate and orange so I had envisioned the shower cream version of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange – or a Fry’s Orange Creme. But Yuzu and Cocoa is strongly reminiscent of those cheap dolly mixture sweets you used to get in pick and mixes as a kid. I forgot to take a proper picture of it for this post, so cropped it out of a recent Instagram post.

On a mission to review all the things, I gave it ago and was surprised to find that the more I used it, the more I grew to like it. The scent has grown on me a bit and whilst it’s not something I would use every day, its nice for once in a while. The cream is also very VERY thin so you have to use a fair bit to work up a lather, so I anticipate this bottle won’t last me that long. Overall, it’s a good product but not something I’m excited about.


The Olive Branch Shower Gel – Permanent Line – 100g
I also forgot to take a picture of this one, so here is a throw back to my pre-Amsterdam product haul in August.

I’ve re-purchased TOB a few times since I was gifted my very first bottle in July and I have to say, it’s definitely in my top 10 Lush products. A shower gel and shampoo, its perfect for taking on holiday in your hand luggage as even the 100g bottle lasts ages. A little bit goes a very long way but it’s almost like water so you have to be careful you don’t end up spilling it all over the place. Also, you need to give the bottle a good shake before use as the oil settles on top.

The scent is lovely, it actually smells quite mediterranean – like olive vines and bergamot. I fell in love with it at first sniff. The oil in it leaves my skin so soft and clean scented. I also like it as an occasional shampoo. I have exceptionally thick, coarse, long and wavy hair that is unruly at the best of times. TOB leaves it in manageable but dry condition  – but nothing a blob of conditioner won’t sort out.


Overall, this was a lovely gift that I really enjoyed using (and continuing to use!) and I’m so grateful to my boyfriend for choosing this for me.


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