Bomb Cosmetics: Ginger Blaster

I’m trying to use up all the bath bombs I’m not that overly excited about before I get to the good stuff. Sometimes this can be more of a curse than a blessing, as I may discover something great I wish I’d bought dozens of. Ginger Blaster falls somewhere in the middle. It’s not terrible but its not great either.


Pictured with a chunk of Magic of Christmas FUN and a Harry Potter Chocolate Frog

Aesthetically, it’s adorable. A tiny pink gingerbread man smattered with glitter. It’s not very big, you can gauge it by the size of the Chocolate Frog in the picture above. It smells lovely, like gingerbread with an ever so slight hint of orange and it dissolved at a nice pace in the bath. There is nothing more annoying than bath bombs that either dissolve in a second or take forever. Once dissolved, it turned the bath a nice shade of pink, not too light or dark, but this was mixed with a little bit of FUN which may have altered the colour somewhat.


I was watching Arrested Development fyi

There were two things that let Ginger Blaster down. One was that the second it dissolved, the scent dissipated and I couldn’t smell it all when I was in the bath. The other was that it did nothing at all to the bath water other than change the colour. I’m not looking for an epic bathing experience for £1.13 but, I’d hoped that the water might be a bit softer than normal. Instead, my skin felt a little bit dry. Like rubbing wet cardboard on your legs *shudders*.

I do like Bomb Cosmetics products but so far, the Christmas range has been a bit of a let down. Hopefully, the rest of my stash will make up for the last few products I’ve tried.


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