The Body Shop Haul

The Body Shop is not normally one of those places I go to. I might have a nose around, if someone else drags me in, or if I’m buying for my mum, but I never get myself for anything. Recently, I visited the Bold Street branch in Liverpool with a friend and, while she was going through the sale stuff, I had a little look at the body sprays and such. I was expecting the usual ones like vanilla and White Musk (which is my mum’s favourite) but then I came across Satsuma. It smelled amazing so I decided to have a look online, a few days later, and placed myself a little order as they had a 30% discount offer on.


So, with £25 spare cash, I bought myself:

Satsuma Body Mist 100ml £7.50
Satsuma Body Puree 250ml £8.00
Satsuma Hand Cream 30ml £4.00
Pink Grapefruit Body Mist 100ml £7.50
Pink Grapefruit Body Puree 250ml £8.00

The Satsuma product smell gorgeously orange, very light and refreshing. The body mist doesn’t last very long on its own, but when layered with the puree I can smell it for most of the day. The body puree is really hydrating but tends to leave my skin on the sticky side for a good half an hour after use. The hand cream is moisturising without being oily at all – which I was worried about. A little bit goes a long way and for £4, it’ll last me about a month.

Pink Grapefruit is beautiful. Strong, citrusy and yet a little sharp; it’s a very distinctive scent. Like the Satsuma products, the body mist doesn’t last long alone and the puree left my skin sticky for a while. I think it has something to do with the formula so I might switch to one of the other types of moisturisers in the scent range once I’ve used up my bottles. I will also be picking up some of the Pink Grapefruit hand cream.

If I’m completely honest, I wasn’t expecting to love the products as much as I do and I think this is mainly down to the scents. The Body Puree in any other fragrances would have probably been left in a drawer and forgotten about. As a general rule, I prefer Lush but haven’t found a hand cream quite as effective as The Body Shop ones. My single complaint is the packaging. After using Lush for so long, anything other than minimal packaging seems a waste – especially when it’s not made easy to recycle (see Lush’s Black Pot scheme).


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