My Top 5 Favourite Lush Products

I recently posted about my top 5 worst, or least favourite, Lush products and I feel like I need to talk about the good stuff. There is an abundance of amazing products from this company and so, so many that I love that it was seriously difficult to narrow this down but,  here we go!

5. Karma Kream Hand and Body Lotion
The very first time I smelled a Karma scented product I was disgusted. I was still fairly new to Lush and had begun settling in to the “unusual” smells. I had grabbed the Karma Komba shampoo bar by mistake and decided to use it anyway. Flash forward two weeks and I had fallen head over heels with the multilayered gorgeousness of orange blossom, pine and patchouli. I decided that every part of me must smell of Karma so I ordered myself Karma Kream. The 100g pot cost £6.95 and had a good twelve month shelf life. While being a small pot, a little goes a long way and two finger tips will cover an entire arm. I tend to go a bit overboard with lotions but it doesn’t grease up the skin and regardless of how much you slap on, it sinks in within minutes. It leaves my skin soft, smelling amazing and moisturised for a good few days afterwards, regardless of having baths/showers in the meantime.

4. Temple of Truth Bubble Bar
TOT was available in the Lush Kitchen sometime last summer. I bought it on the off chance, as it was one of the few things available in the kitchen and promised to smell of sandalwood, which was something I vaguely remembered that I liked but I wasn’t sure what it actually smelled of. It was a weird shape, like someone had clenched a handful of bubble bar dough and then left it to dry, and in a pretty nondescript blue colour. I crumbled half into the bath and immediately, a stunning but subtle musky yet floral aroma hit me. The water was left in a calming mid-blue, with frothy bubbles that last absolutely ages. I had to wash them down the drain after 90 minutes. A girl has places to be. It was so calming, it left my skin so soft and lightly scented that I was devastated to finish off the bar. I’m gutted I didn’t buy loads as they haven’t been in the Kitchen since. So sad!

3. Space Girl bath bomb
Space Girl was the very first bath bomb I ever purchased from Lush, when I very first started developing a serious interest in the company. Which in hindsight, was not that long ago. Unfortunately, it’s since been discontinued and I missed it being in the Kitchen recently as February payday is always a killer. SG is one of the smaller bath bombs, shaped like a lil planet, its a mix of purple and red in colour, and sparkles with lustre. It smells like parma violets and when dropped into the bath, it looks like a galaxy as it dissolves. Hence the name. It also has popping candy in the middle which makes it all the more fun to use. What’s not to love?

2. Jersey Bounce Shampoo
There is nothing in life more satisfying than a good shampoo. I recently cut my waist length hair to my shoulders but before that, I was in dire need of a shampoo that would keep the voracious waves in check. I received a sample of JB with an order and if you’ve ever had a Lush sample you will know how deceiving the tiny pots can be. A little bit goes a long way and I managed to get two good shampoos out of little more than a finger tip of product each time. JB is a weird texture, a yellowy goop with chunks of sea salt that dissolve when you massage it into your hair. It leaves my hair light and voluminous with natural highlights (presuming this is from the lemon in the product) and such a nice texture. Of course, I would still recommend a good conditioner with it as it can leave your hair on the dry side if repeatedly used without. But overall, this is a fantastic shampoo and I don’t think I will ever move on to something else. I’ve raved about this so much I’ve converted a handful of people to the ways of Jersey Bounce.

1. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
Back in the beginning of my Lush obsession, the boyfriend and I visited the tiny Warrington store to pick up some bits and pieces for friends, and for him for work. He has the type of job where you can’t leave the site until you’ve scrubbed yourself raw in the shower. He suffers from eczema and other products were drying out his skin so we were looking for something that would bring back a bit of moisture and maybe prevent his eczema coming back in the future. It turns out that all Lush soaps are a winner for him, and I would highly recommend these to people who have similar work/skin situations. Plus he always smells great after a 12 hour shift!

While we were there, I was looking for me too, as you do, and the sales girl recommended Rub Rub Rub. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but salt scrubs have been known to be a bit harsh so I wasn’t sold. She kept pushing and pushing so I thought, maybe she knows something I don’t. But I wasn’t going to shell out £8.85 based on the say so of someone who is paid to sell me stuff I don’t need. When she offered me a sample, I politely took it and went on my merry way, convinced I was going to end up with sore skin.

I am the first person to admit when I’m wrong and jfc sales girl, I am sorry because you were 1000% right. Rub Rub Rub is the stuff of angels.

It looks like blue goop, and I suppose it is. It’s got a thick yet still watery consistency, the salt seems to be holding it together. Two finger tips of product will happily cover an entire limp, with a bit still left over. RRR lathers slightly as you scrub, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and so very soft.  It can also be used as a shampoo, which I’ve tried once or twice – it gives your hair a thorough clean and a lot of volume but I’ve found it makes my hair very dry.

The real kicker is the scent. It shares it with Sakura bath bomb (nice but so very, vey overpowering in bath bomb form) amongst other things. It’s like a breath of sea air, with a hint of floral which is the cherry blossom. I really wakes you up, especially used in the shower in the morning.

So there you have it, my top 5 faves.


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