The Lush Tag!

This is usually something people do on Instagram. Lushies answer one of these questions every day with a picture accompaniment. Honestly, I’m too impatient and I like to get stuff done in one go, when I can.

1. What is your favourite product?
I’ve written about this recently. My favourite is the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub. It smells like the sea, it’s salty and fresh, it leaves my skin in amazing condition. Love it. Love everything about it.

2. What is your favourite bath bomb?
I’ve talked about this recently as well. I adore the discontinued Space Girl bomb. It smells like parma violets, looks like a goddamn galaxy and has popping candy in the centre.


3. What is your favourite bubble bar?
Has to be Temple of Truth. It’s calming and gentle, the scent is delicate yet stands out from others. I’m gutted its not available all year round, it makes an occasional appearance in the Kitchen but that’s it.

4. What is your favourite bath melt?
This was an absolute no-brainer for me. It has to be You’ve Been Mangoed. Technically, they are bath oils now but its the same basic concept. I adore citrus scents and while it doesn’t smell like mango, it does smell very strongly of lemon and lime. It leaves my skin crazy moisturised and its cheap at only £2 a go.

5. What is your favourite soap?
The soaps are never something I really go for in Lush. They smell nice, sure, but soap is just not my cup of tea. The one my boyfriend really liked was Dirty, but unfortunately that was discontinued. It was very minty and fresh, yet had slightly floral undertones.

6. What is your favourite shower gel?
Rose Jam, all the way. I’ve never been a floral person but I fell in love at first sniff. It’s very, very, rosy, but without being that flowery get up your nose type of scent. It’s more thick than other shower gels, unlike The Olive Branch which is basically water, so it lathers better and I feel like I can use a lot less.

7. What is your favourite limited edition product?
I’ve already mentioned Temple of Truth, which is my absolute favourite LE. But, for the sake of not repeating myself I’ll go with my next favourite, which is Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Its in the Christmas range and smells like a subtle version of Honey I Washed the Kids soap. It leaves the water a deep blue and the lustre doesn’t stick to you, like in some other bath bombs.

8. How many Kitchen products have you had?
BRB lemme check my polaroid collection.
I almost lost a couple of these after Lush decided to send my order with DPD who trashed the box and I found the polaroids just randomly in the street outside my house when I got home later that day. They were run over by a car by the look of them, but still. Mine.


Admittedly, not the best photo but its midnight and the lighting in my house is horrendous

9. How long have you been a Lushie?
Just over a year. I made my first ever purchase in February 2015. For anyone who cares, it was a Brightside bubble bar when they brought it out for the Easter collection. I didn’t care for it then – but I love it now – but something brought me back!

10. How did you get into Lush?
It’s always been one of those shops that I’d walked by and gone into to look at the weird stuff I wasn’t sure how to use. It always smelled amazing but it had never occurred to me to buy anything. Then SaBre and I had our first Treat Yo Self day and I shelled out the £4.95, thinking it was a hell of a lot of money for bubble bath (ha, oh 2015, how little you know) – not expecting to love it as much as I did. The rest is pretty much history.

So, SaBre, I choose you!




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