Lush: Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb

I understand that Lush produce a huge range of products with each season and they really outdid themselves at Christmas, but this years Easter selection does seem a bit so-so. There are a lot of Oxford Street exclusives for people lucky enough to live in/near enough to London to visit, and some of them made an appearance in the Kitchen. But for those of us who live at the other end of the country and don’t have time to spend waiting to order every morning, the offerings seem very lacklustre.

So I made the best of it and ordered what I fancied from the website, not reading the product descriptions and going off aesthetic alone (which has been the way I’ve found some of my favourite products). One of them being Fluffy Egg.


Like many a lushie, I’m not adverse to the Snow Fairy scent. It’s sweet, sugary and oh-so indulgent. Reminiscent of pear drops and thus my childhood, its a smell I associate with Christmas and to me, it fits perfectly in Lush’s Christmas Range. So I’m a little bit surprised they’ve used it in the Easter range. Honestly, it seems a bit lazy.

Fluffy Egg is a small bath bomb, a bit bigger than a Kinder Egg and comes in difference colours, but I only saw the pink. I remember this being in yellow and blue last year. It’s lightly Snow Fairy-ish, which is a blessing as it can be overwhelming and was a moderate to fast fizzer. I’ve said it a dozen times but I much prefer the bath bombs that dissolve quickly, as some stain your skin if you get in the bath while they’re still fizzing away. Plus, I get a bit bored.


FE is nothing special to watch. It does its job, leaving the water baby pink and so very soft – my skin was extremely hydrated after I got out. The candy flower is the same type they used on Creamy Candy and Grass bubble bars, I don’t remember seeing it so I assume it fizzled away when I was in the bath. As a general rule, I tend to pick these off as I don’t really like the idea of bathing in sweets.

I washed my hair in the bath and it was smelled like pear drops all day, which was nice. It’s definitely a bath bomb that leaves you smelling lovely for hours afterwards. It’s a good bath bomb, something that is nice used alone and would be great in a cocktail. If this was a year round staple, I would definitely continue to purchase as its a solid product. But as a seasonal, which is usually when Lush deliver their exceptionally gorgeous, standout products, it’s a bit of a disappointment.

That being said, I would recommend stocking up while you can as its a nice all-rounder for the rest of the year. I imagine this would go especially well with Creamy Candy or, paired with MMMelting Marshmallow Moment bath oil.



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