Pretty Little Liars: Season 6

For those who have never seen the tv show, PLL centres on four friends, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer, who are reunited when the previously missing body of their former frenemy, Alison, is discovered. Following this, the girls are blackmailed by the mysterious A who threatens to spill all their secrets unless they comply.

Spoilers Ahead!

Season 6 starts where Season 5 left off, the girls and Mona are locked in A’s dollhouse. The first half of the season is an overly long preamble to the Charles reveal. Basically they run through their vague list of suspects and Alison confronts her dad to find out that Charles is her elder brother. My main takeaways from the first half of the season were:

Wine Moms

Hanna’s Prom Dress

Finally, after 130 episodes, A/Charles is revealed as CeCe Drake

Oh yeah, that girl from Season 3 who was pally with Alison


It turns out that Charlotte “Cece” Drake used to be Charles DiLaurentis and when he was but a wee kid, he came out to his parents as transgender. His dad lost it and decided he was nuts, having him institutionalised at (you guessed it) Radley, where his mom released Charlotte at 16, to live with their Aunt Carol, telling Mr D that he had killed himself.

Growing up seeing how much Alison was loved and Charlotte/Charles was hated warped her mind and she decided that she must punish everyone. So she began torturing the girls, taking up where Mona left off in Season 2. She brought in Sara Harvey (Sara had the briefest mention in Season 5 and was in the dollhouse, then became one of Emily’s procession of girlfriends) as her helper. After her 20 minute long explanation, the police turn up, Sara’s hands get fried on a generator and Charlotte is finally caught.

I really hated the fact that the ONLY transgender character was the villain. It took something that is just now coming to be accepted and twisted it into something dark. It made transgender people appear to have mental issues. That is not the message we want to be sending to teenage girls, the predominant audience for this show. If anything, it was just a bit lazy. There could have been a better reason for Charlotte to want to punish people other than being trans and jealous of Alison.

The first half of the season ends which a flash forward to 5 years in the future and Alison is in a classroom writing Mrs Rollins on the board and 3 of the 4 girls run in all upset. Apparently “She’s coming”.


Part Two of Season 6 started again in January. After a 6 month hiatus, I might add!

The girls return to Rosewood to appear at a hearing for Charlotte to be released into Alison’s care after “recovering” from her mental illnesses. Because it’s that simple. Of course, they are mostly successful straight out of college. Despite the fact that America (like a lot of the western world) has a lack of jobs for college graduates and most end up flipping burgers.

Charlotte is released, immediately murdered and suspicion falls on the Liars. Then they start getting blackmailed by a New A to find Charlotte’s killer. Sans hoody this time, its all about latex masks and costumes. How tf does anyone afford to fuck with people so much? Sara Harvey is also still knocking about, doing nothing and generally being weird.

Aria works at a publishing house where she is dating her co-worker (whiny Liam). She ends up helping Ezra write his book. While building houses in Thailand, Ezra had his girlfriend stolen by warlords or something. Everyone keeps stressing that she’s dead so she’ll probably pop up halfway through Season 7. He’s a borderline alcoholic trying to write about him and his missing girlfriend’s “love story”. Aria’s parents get remarried, which makes no sense to me. Ella can do better. No one likes you, Byron!

Spencer works on Capitol Hill doing something boring in politics. She is helping her mom run for senate which is a super boring sub-plot. Spencer and Toby split in college after a pregnancy scare and they both realised they don’t want the same things anymore. He’s now dating the daughter of Spencer’s mom’s opposition. She and Caleb become a thing. I was 1000% unhappy about this. She gets so silently bitchy about Hanna and Caleb even being in the same room. Out of all of them, she is the one that’s still very high school.

Hanna is the PA to a demanding fashion guru and is engaged to a glorious Aussie called Jordan. She and Caleb split up after she continually put her career first, feeling that she had no choice but to do so. She eventually quits her job and is obviously harbouring some deep seated regret about her engagement. Hanna’s mom buys the Radley and turns it into a boutique hotel which everyone hangs out at all the time because no one has bad memories of the town’s mental institution.

Emily dropped out of college after her dad died, spiralled and ending up working at a crappy Hawaiian themed bar. Then decides to sell her eggs so that she can go back to college and make her parents proud. New A promptly steals said eggs. Emily’s eggs is officially the most pointless storyline ever inducted. I was so sick of the word eggs by the end of this season, you have no idea. No one cares about your maybe babies Emily!


Alison is a (presumably student) teacher at the high school and secretly doing her sister’s therapist. Whom she later marries on a whim. Because you know, he’s not like 35 and a probably a creep.

Nothing at all has happened with the Sara Harvey Must Be New A aspect, other than she is in Rosewood and had a hole in her wardrobe. Ok? What am I supposed to do with this information?

They find a file in the Radley basement that states that Mary Drake was a patient and also Charles’ mother, then Charles was adopted by her sister – Jessica DiLaurentis. Sigh.

Alison is also, yet again, a veritable beacon of misery. Dead sister, “scary” hallucinations, getting herself sectioned. Boo hoo.

With the end of the season came the prophesied Haleb and Ezria reunions. Hanna is offered up as bait to lure New A into capture, which backfires and she is then kidnapped. We also discover that Alison’s dead mom’s identical twin sister and her new husband are pretending to be ghosts so that Alison will leave her childhood home. Then they immediately reclaim it while insinuating that Elliot (the husband) was in love with Charlotte and did it for that very reason. Yep. That is the exact ending we get.


I am so done with this program. It’s beyond ridiculous now, to the point where it pisses me off watching it. None of it makes sense. They do stupid things and wonder why everything goes wrong. They all constantly lie to each other, their parents and the police. There is no loyalty amongst them, especially with Spencer (Hanna is your friend! How can you do this?) and Aria (can’t stop cheating on her boyfriends). I know its just a tv show but there is no longer any reaction that is believable.

Except Hanna. She is the queen of everything.


How did they get such good jobs? Why don’t they just go to the police when they start getting messages again? The girls are supposed to be 5 years older, therefore 5 years wiser yet most still act like teenagers (especially Aria whom I have grown to greatly dislike). I cannot comprehend why the character voices haven’t changed to reflect their ages. It’s not the same as it was but it’s not better, either.

It’s terrible. Possibly the worst program I’ve ever seen. And I can’t wait for Season 7.


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