Lush Kitchen: A Review

The Lush Kitchen was launched back in 2014, as a way for limited edition products to be briefly available for purchase on the website. Before this, major lushies had received one offs through the forum, which no longer exists. The Kitchen features discontinued products and more recently has included Oxford Street store exclusives. Each morning (Monday to Friday), one or two items are launched from 9am.

This is a great idea, it gives new customers and old the opportunity to try out products that they wouldn’t be able to get without paying extortionate eBay fees, and if it’s something you’re excited to try, it’s all the more interesting. I can’t deny that online sales are a lot of fun.

However, there are several downsides to the Kitchen.

Daily Product Release
Don’t get me wrong, this is a brilliant concept if you only want one or two things from the Kitchen. It enables you to get in there and snap them up quickly, knowing when they will be on sale.

But, you will struggle if you want more than a couple of products. There are two options: you can either place several small orders and incur the £3.95 delivery charge each time, or pray everything is still in stock by the time your last desired product is available.

Like most people, I’ve woken up the week before payday to an amazing week of products with the realisation that I can’t afford to order until the Friday, or I can’t afford almost £20 in delivery charges. Meaning I’ve missed out on an awful lot of stuff.

It launches at 9am
I work from 2pm onwards so being available to order has never been an issue for me personally, but the majority of Lush fans in the UK are adults who will be in work when they are released meaning that by the time they got online everything is sold out. Scrolling through Instagram if you’ve missed a launch and the items out of stock is like a punishment.

From an objective point of view, 9am is a perfectly fine time to release products but most of us will be missing out because of it.

The Kitchen can be more expensive
This was something I’ve only noticed recently as I’m a fairly new Lushie (est Feb 2015). Some of my favourites were discontinued in August and have popped up in the Kitchen over the last few months. A 250g bottle of Grass Shower Gel used to be priced at £9.95 but when in the Kitchen, recently cost as much as £11.95. I know there is only a £2 difference, but for a product whose base scents are still being used in current line items, it should still be relatively the same cost of production.

Most bath bomb prices seem to be similar to the current line, but sometimes they creep up to a little more than they originally cost and I can’t help but give the screen a little bit of side eye. It’s a bit hard faced when you have to pay the delivery charge as well, its not as if you can pick it up in store.

Purchase allowances and limited stock
The website states that a single customer can order up to 10 of each item. Combine this with a daft launch time and the inconvenience of daily release, and by lunch time everything is out of stock. Just to annoy you a bit more, they leave the out of stock items on the website for the rest of the week, getting your hopes up in case they’ve had a sudden new batch and re-sale.


Overall, I’m not chuffed with the Kitchen. If I’m desperate for something and it’s in there I’ll try and get hold of it, but I won’t go out of my way anymore.


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