My Lush Collection

This morning I caught myself on the Lush website going through the kitchen and popping things into my basket that are still available. Stuff I will probably never use and stuff I might not even like. So, common sense summoned, I emptied my basket, checked the status of my last Kitchen order, and logged off. It was only then that I wondered how many things I’d bought that I still hadn’t even used, so I decided to take stock of my Lush collection.

Bath Bombs

Clockwise Left to Right: Cyanide Pill, Fizzbanger, Floating Lotus, Lava Lamp, Ickle Baby Bot, Golden Wonder, Golden Slumbers.

My bestie SaBre recently took a trip to London and was lovely enough to bring me back some Oxford Street Exclusives I’d been hankering after. You can read all about her London adventures here. Golden Wonders also escaped my January Christmas product cull, mostly because its one of my favourites and smells too amazing to use. Fizzbanger and Ickle Baby Bot are two permanent collection products that I always like to have at hand.

Bath Oils

Clockwise Left to Right: Dreamtime, Double Vitality, Floating Island, You’ve Been Mangoed and Orange Blossom

I really love Lush’s bath oils. The previous versions were Melts and a bit more difficult to disperse through the bath water so, since they’ve changed the formula they’ve become a must have in my bathing routine.

Bubble Bars

Clockwise Left to Right: A French Kiss, Bunch of Carrots, Blue Skies and White Fluffy Clouds, Five Gold Rings, Holly GoLightly, Peeping Santa, Rose Jam Bubbleroon, Supertramp and Ultraviolet

Bubble bars are my favourite bath products from Lush. They change the water colour, have skin softening qualities, you get several uses out of them, they smell delicious and of course, provide mountains of cruelty-free fluffy bubbles. Most of my collection is seasonal products and the last pieces of bubble bars I’ve been working on since Christmas.

Face Products

Clockwise Left to Right: Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water and Dark Angels Face & Body Cleanser

I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Dark Angels. On one hand, it smells amazing (like liquorice and charcoal) and really works for my skin. But on the other, it doesn’t work for too long. I’m on my third pot in 2 years and I’m trying to be diplomatic but…*shrugs*. Breath of Fresh Air is the sea scent in a bottle, what’s not to love.


Clockwise Left to Right: Gold FUN, Magic of Christmas, Sea Monster, Red FUN, Pink FUN and Monsters and Aliens

When I first started shopping at Lush, I didn’t have a clue what FUN was for. I was never interested until I received the old/better version of the Happy Bathday gift set for my birthday with my very first roll of Red FUN. Since then, I haven’t looked back. This stuff is great as soap, shampoo and bubbles. Plus, it’s of a play-doh consistency so you can build yourself a little something.

Hair Products

Left to Right: American Cream Hair Conditioner, Curly Wurly Shampoo, H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment and Jungle Solid Hair Conditioner

I adore Lush’s hair products. After using my first solid shampoo bar (Squeaky Green), I never looked back. Between the excellent products, minimal waste and the company’s cruelty free promise, they are amazing. Jungle is my ultimate favourite conditioner, the scent alone won me over!


Clockwise Left to Right: Celebrate, Christingle Body Conditioner, Each Peach and Two’s a Pair Massage Bar, Gorgeous 10g, Karma Kream, Vanilla Dee-Lite and Sympathy for the Skin

I have a surprisingly little collection of moisturisers going that I had no idea about. I adore them all, but using them seems sacrilege considering Vanilla Dee-Lite has been discontinued and Celebrate is seasonal.


Clockwise Left to Right: Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Buffy, Rub Rub Rub

This year, I forgot to pick up my usual favourite Santa Scrub from Lush and when I realise this, I was devastated. I’ve had it every year since it’s launch. I decided to make do with Bubblegum Lip Scrub which is fine. I suppose. Its not the same consistency and doesn’t work as well as Santa and its cherry cola scent. Buffy was the first sample product I ever had and I’ve finally gotten around to buying one. Rub Rub Rub is my absolute staple product and I couldn’t live without it. So dramatic.

Shower Gels

Top Row: Beautiful, Lord of Misrule, Prince Charming, Rose Jam
Middle Row: Snow Fairy, The Olive Branch
Bottom Row: Twilight, Yuzu and Cocoa

At first I didn’t really care about Lush’s shower gels. Then I was gifted The Olive Branch and fell in love. A year later and I have a small but fair collection of my favourites (and Snow Fairy). Recently I’ve been loving Beautiful more and more. I would recommend it to anyone who likes peachy and apricot scents.


Clockwise Left to Right: Baked Alaska, Serendipity and Miranda

Baked Alaska is my favourite soap from the Christmas collection. It’s fruity and citrus packed without being overwhelming. I’m hoarding this bar in fear of it not coming back this year. Serendipity is a new favourite. I received a sample with a recent delivery and fell in love with its lavender scent and calming qualities. It’s amazing paired with Twilight Bath Bomb. Miranda is one of those soaps that’s not my cup of tea but I need to give it a proper try before making my mind up.

Everything Else!

Clockwise Left to Right: Charity Pot, First Snow Dusting Powder, Dreamtime Temple Balm, Foot Soak and Fancy Free, Karma Solid Perfume, Sun Solid Perfume, A Whole Lotta Samples and Santa Baby Lip Tint

I don’t know why, but I’ve never included Charity Pot as a moisturiser. It’s always been one of those things that I pop in my bag and use for a multitude of things. It’s pretty good for it’s intended use but a little too sticky for me. I’ve spoken about my love for Dreamtime Temple Balm before, it’s a fantastic product! Santa Baby is a great bright red tint that Be warned! I adore Karma Perfume, its highly scented and lasts all day.

There we have it. My medium-sized Lush collection!


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