Lush: Curly Wurly Shampoo

Happy Tuesday! Congrats, you made it through Monday! Only four more days until the weekend!


Anyone who knows me is aware of my deep fondness for Lush shampoos; in particular my lil babe Jersey Bounce. However, after finding that too much usage had stripped any residual moisture from my scalp, and had given me a serious case of straw hair to boot, I realised I had to give JB a break for a while.

Fast forward an hours internet scourge, and I decided on Curly Wurly.

”A rich coconut shampoo for anyone that wants soft, nourished hair. Lemon and papaya juice contain fruit enzymes to deeply clean the hair, leaving it feeling fresh. We’ve then used plenty of dessicated coconut and coconut oil, both rich in proteins and natural oil. We’ve added jojoba oil, a light oil which offers moisture and shine to the hair, while organic extra virgin olive oil helps to strengthen”

On paper, CW sounds perfect for me. I’ve been desperate for soft, nourished hair my entire life and this coconutty pot of goodness promised all this and more! Plus, at £5.75, it was slightly cheaper than what I was expecting to spend, which is always a nice surprise. Part of buying this was wishful thinking. I don’t have curly hair, I have a weird, wavy mess. Which might explain a few things later on.

During the first inspection, I found the scent to be far less overwhelming than anticipated. I usually like coconut just okay but this is more subtle than products like The Body Shop’s Coconut range, it’s much nicer. It’s also a strange thing to look at. A light pink, it appears to be a thick creamy substance but it’s not until you scoop it up that you realise it’s a delicate shampoo held together by a billion tiny pieces of dessicated coconut. I suppose the info should have given that away, but ah well.

On first application I wasn’t sure how much to use, so I grabbed about the same amount I’d need of Jersey Bounce. My first mistake. Double or maybe triple that and you then have enough. That itself is a massive disappointment because it means this tub won’t last me anywhere near as long as others have. I also really had to scrub this in to get ANY lather and even then, most of it slopped down my arm, ending up with my shower covered in coconut. I had to double to wash for my hair to bear some resemblance to clean. I did have lovely soft hair after styling, to give it its dues.

Forget washing your hair in the bath with this stuff, though. Not unless you like sitting in water that looks like it has a billion floating fish eggs in it. I did this one lazy night and it wasn’t just the grossness of said bath water that was a huge mistake. No matter how much rinsing I did, my hair still felt unclean and refused to cooperate the next morning – even though it was blow dried as normal! The moderate cleanliness lasted about 30 hours and my hair feels like an oilslick. The last time it was this bad I’d been unconscious in hospital for a week.

Like with most Lush shampoos, CW is very trial and error. You need to find a way to use it that works for you. I’ve been pairing it with American Cream, but I’ve got a Jungle solid conditioner waiting. I imagine that Jungle and CW will go perfectly together.

Overall, it’s definitely not the worst shampoo I’ve had from Lush and I think I’ll stick with it for a few more weeks to really make up my mind.


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  1. Great blog and great photos! I have a blog dedicated to lush and was wandering if you could maybe have a read of an article? Or even possibly like one of them! Thanks so much xx

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