Liverpool Bloggers Ball 15/5/16

This weekend I went to my very first blogger event and honestly, I was terrifed.

I’ve always been on the quiet and shy side (by that I mean I was cripplingly, painfully shy for the first 20 years of my life). Even now, I struggle in social situations where I know few people or no one at all. I’m always sat there thinking that I have no idea what to say or, do they find me boring, or why I am doing this when I could be curled up at home with the boyfriend and the cat? Which makes it even more annoying when I’m in a situation with something to actually contribute but the process of opening my mouth is too difficult and embarrassing to bear.

Sabre talked me into going to the Liverpool Bloggers Ball, hosted by Stephanie Bewley of Liverpool Bloggers network. The tickets were free as long as you signed up to the website and Eventbrite before they sold out. There weren’t too many tickets available initially, which made the whole experience sound more intimate and intriguing than the idea of standing in an auditorium surrounded by the entirity of the blogging community.

The event was hosted in Liverpool’s Roxy Ballroom. A games bar by day and club come night. It’s located above the Wahaca on College Lane, just on the otherside of Liverpool One shopping centre. I’ve been up and down that road a dozen times this year and never noticed the signs indicating its presence. The bar is accessible by a narrow doorway and you can either take a lift to the second floor or walk up a lot of winding stairs. As my shoes had already destroyed my feet by the time I made it into the city (gee thanks, New Look), I chose the lift.

The bar itself is grungy in a still clean way. It was a lot of exposed brick and neon signs. The friendly staff all had beards. Yes, it was one of those places. But it was great. It had a small yet diverse food menu, an expansive drinks menu, lots of floor space and an abundance of pool and ping pong tables for its patrons. Even the toilets were interesting. I didn’t manage to take many photos of the bar as I was too preoccupid with the event, but I wish I had because my words do not do it justice.

We were situated in a back room with long windows that faced the BBC building across the street. Being that it was a lovely sunny day, it was the perfect place to be indoors. Steph was already there to greet us with a delicious strawberry prosecco cocktail and had set up the room with colours that match her blog logo, including pink and white lollypops with attached card holder bags. I filled my bag with business cards and next time I will try to remember to get my own printed up!

I arrived with a small group of bloggers that were friends of Sabre, who were all incredibly friendly and supportive. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t expect people to be so open and so nice. As more and more people arrived, I got chatting (while horribly scared of being an idiot) and I did try to strike up conversations but I find that sort of thing really difficult to do. It’s something I’m working on for next time. I can’t fault the other bloggers though, everyone was really sweet and I felt like a massive newbie. I’ve only been at this for 6 months and everyone had a year plus worth of experience.

During the 3 hour event, we had a talk from Independent Liverpool‘s David about starting up his venture, and how he and his partners got where they are today.


There was also Gemma from The Button Boutique. Gemma runs a company that specialises in arts and crafts parties (including hen parties featuring a butler in the buff) and also has an upcycled furniture stand in Rex on Bold Street.

Rachel from Rachie B gave us a small talk on her Bespoke Wallpaper company and Teardrop Designs also brought a stand of their gorgeous jewellery. There were also ping pong and pool competitions, the winners received bottles of prosecco and a cute gift bag of treats.


I had a good time at the event and I will definitely be going to one in the near future. Hopefully next time I will be a bit more laid back about it!


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