10 Beauty Products I Wish I’d Never Bought

Every shopper has their regrets.

10. Benefit They’re Real! Gel Eyeliner


Possibly the least offensive item on this list, this eyeliner refused to cooperate no matter how I attempted to apply it. It’s too stubborn to get out of the tube, the nozzle is too soft so that I can’t make it go the way I want it to and it dries too quickly which means it’s an absolute ball ache to remove.

9. Kelly Brook for New Look Blusher in Pink


I picked this up in New Look at Christmas when I was messing around at the tills. It was only a quid and I was running low on blusher. I applied the tiniest amount and no matter what I tried, this stubborn little bugger wouldn’t blend. Without intention, I had the blush tiger stripes of 2006. I only used this once then chucked it in the bin. It’s no surprise that this product line has since been discontinued.

8. Maybelline Colour Sensation Lipstick in Sweet Pink

sweet pink

Frosted pink satin finish lipstick? What was I thinking when I bought this? I assumed it would be more nude than the colour suggested. It wasn’t. I wore it exactly twice. Once to test it out and once at a 70s themed NYE party.

7. Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo


I wanted to love this but it was nigh on impossible. Curly Wurly covered me and my shower in coconut, left my hair lifeless and unmanageable without conditioner and with it, I was greasier than a mechanic’s knuckles.

6. Maybelline BabyLips Lip Balm in Peach Kiss



5. Tresemme Heat Defense Styling Spray


Remembered when Tresemme first launched and everyone was so amazed by how great they were? Well, I made the unfortunate mistake of believing them. This product afforded no heat defense to speak off and made my hair sticky and knotted, even with very minimal product. I chucked this bottle in the bin after using half and vowed never to trust the opinions of those with normal hair again!

4. VO5 Hot Oil Moisture Treatment


It’s worth mentioning that when I used this, my hair was still waist length and impossible to manage. Someone mentioned that this would make my hair lovely and soft. I was so naive. I had to use all three tubes in the packet just to oil my hair up properly. Cue three billion years of rinsing and being unable to get a brush through my hair for the next 48 hours. Never again, VO5, never again.

3. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory


I was so excited to try this after seeing the advert on TV. It promised me dewy, glowing skin without a hint of eye-bags. Kate Moss swore I would look as if I’d just slept 10 hours instead of crawling out of my pit after a night spent on the drink. What they failed to mention was that you have to be naturally radiant. Otherwise you end up looking like an orange faced and glittery idiot who has just emerged from the depths of hell. Forget about colour shades, Ivory seems to be the one size fits all of the foundation world. In that it does not fit all. It fits like 3 people. At a push. Adding to the horror of the tangerine trauma, it also rubs on to everything you own and by lunch time it’s dragged the rest of your makeup down to meet your chin with it.

2. ELF Eyeshadow Primer and Liner Sealer


This product was cheap and that should have been the tell. It was meant to prime my eyeshadow without creasing. It did the opposite and made my eye lids look oily all the time. The thin end was supposed to seal my eyeliner. It didn’t, it just made it dry and flake off by mid-morning. I’ve never felt so dirty wearing make up. I was fuming and only glad that this was half price at the time because now the cheeky sods are selling it for £4.50. I gave it a fair go but after a few weeks it ended up in the bin. What an absolute waste of money.

1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub


This product has made me angry like no other. I was blinded by the gorgeous scent of pink grapefruit. So many lies, Neutrogena, so many lies.

Firstly, it contains microbeads, which I didn’t notice at the time. They are not good for the environment or your face, which was evident when I suddenly started getting dry patches. This had never been an issue before. Then, when trying to get rid of the dry patches, my face got a million times oiler. Bear in mind, I was only using this twice a week! So I went daily, thinking that the whole reason I had these dry patches was because I wasn’t exfoliating enough. Ho, no. That wasn’t true. This little monstrosity was drying out my face and making my already combi skin worse – oilier in the oily places and dry in the previously non-oily places. The problem was, I loved the scent too much. I cut down to twice a week and my skin seemed to fall back into line. Then one day, out of the blue, I was a’scrubbin when my t-zone started to burn like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I put it down to my new cleanser but the next time I used this baby, I had the same issue. So into the bin it went, along with everything else I’ve bought from Neutrogena.


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