TV Shows I Hate But Can’t Stop Watching

It’s been a long time since I watched a TV show in its entirety and didn’t grow to loathe it.

1. Once Upon a Time


In the beginning this was unique, fun and I enjoyed guessing (and being right about) which fairytale character was which. But then it very, very quickly became repetitive. The storylines just seem to be the same each season, disguised as something slightly different. And the characters are so blah. The “heroes” are 2 dimensional, despite vague efforts to make them interesting. The villains, bar Regina and Rumplestiltskin, are boring and atypical bad guys. I wonder when the writers stopped trying?

What keeps me coming back: ReginaHood and Rumbelle

2. The Big Bang Theory


When this TV show first aired, back in 2007, it was mildly funny. The premise was always very so-so. Let’s put 4 nerdy-nerds across the hall from a dumb, blonde actress. Cue the hysterical laughter. After however many seasons, it’s no longer witty (and on re-watching, it never really was), its moderately sexist (Penny, one of the main characters, doesn’t even have a last name and Bernadette is the archetypal “nagging” wife that turns into the guy’s mother), the characters have no progression and all they seem to do is make awkward jokes.

What keeps me coming back: I just want Raj to find love!


3. Z Nation


Well. Where do I begin. It’s a terrible rip off of The Walking Dead for a start. The characters aren’t likeable (except DJ Qualls who quickly becomes annoying), the actors are just awful, the storyline is flawed. They have to get a man “cured” of Z infection to California to replicate whatever saved him and use it as an antidote. Meanwhile he’s slowly turning into a “Z”. But no one can actually see that? My main gripe is they killed off Tom Everett Scott in the 7th episode. Why? He cute.

What keeps me coming back: The dog


4. Pretty Little Liars


This show is infuriating. None of it makes any sense, there are plot holes the size of the Grand Canyon, half the cast are annoying af, yet I can’t turn it off. Can’t do it. Ees eempossible. I’ve written about this before but after 6 seasons, shouldn’t they have figured out the only way they’re getting away from A is to just LEAVE THE DAMN TOWN AND NEVER COME BACK?

What keeps me coming back: Sass-Queen Hanna Marin


5. Community


Ah, how the mighty have fallen. I used to LOVE Community. It was one of the few hilarious things out there and their Halloween episodes couldn’t be beaten. But then they started dropping cast like flies. Cue the same lame jokes, reinforcing all stereotypes (sassy black woman, dumb jock, vapid blonde girl, arrogant white dude) and having the same episodes/storylines with slight variations every season. Nope.

What keeps me coming back: the possibility that Donald Glover might make a cameo



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