Day Trip to the Welsh Mountain Zoo!

The boyfriend and I had been planning on visiting the Welsh Mountain Zoo back in April but as his new car didn’t show up we had to put it off. The dealership gave him a loaner a few weeks ago (he gets his new car tomorrow, yay!) but we hadn’t managed to find any time off work together until now.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo is a zoological garden located near Colwyn Bay, Conwy, along the coast of North Wales. We are situated in the North West of England so it only takes about an hour to get there. Well, it normally would but we hit Bank Holiday traffic and a car accident on the way down so it took around 90 minutes. But we didn’t mind. The drive into Wales is scenic. Lots of lovely green fields full of grazing farm animals. The weather was perfect for it as well. Plus, we had our road trip music on: the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack.

Left: The only way to start a road trip is with a Maccie’s breakfast
Right: The Great British Bank Holiday Traffic

Have I mentioned that I love a good zoo? I’m sort of conflicted about how I feel about animals in captivity but at the same time I find it so exciting to see them. This one seemed perfect. It boasted habitats full of Snow Leopards, Tigers, a LEMUR WALK-THROUGH ENCLOSURE and so much more. First on the agenda was a trip to the shop for an ice cream and a drink because it was so hot and by the time we got from the car park to the actual attraction we’d already walked uphill for half a mile.

Left: the view from the zoo
Right: FEAST 😀

Predictably, I turned into a child and started bouncing around to all the enclosures. As a result, we missed out loads of things and had to walk all the way back to see them. It’s literally built into the mountains and parts of it is really hard to walk (especially trying to keep up with someone who has much longer legs than yours!) but it’s really worth it for the scenery alone. We read a few reviews were people complained about the terrain and it stumped me. Its a mountain zoo.


Now, on to the animals!

Grizzly Bear

This bear was running around like crazy so most of my photos are on the blurry side. It was a cub, judging from the size of it, and jfc even behind a 15ft high fence it scared the crap out of me. Who knew that bears were so fast?


As you can tell, most of the birds really did not like me, especially the emu. The one on the bottom right was a White Tailed Sea Eagle and what you can’t tell in the photo was that it was absolutely huge. Its wingspan was wider than I am tall.

Chimpanzees & Other Primates

Man, the Chimps were mean. One of them kept beating up the others and it was kind of sad. But then we found the bottom two monkeys and for the life of me, I can’t recall their names but look how cute. The lower dude kept watching me and just sat there chilling for a while as people took photos.


Okay, so I know these photos all look the same but it was very difficult to get a good angle in the enclosure. If you look closely you can see a bunch of Lemurs just sat under the branches with their babies. Squee!

Horses, Wallaby & Camels

The camels hated my boyfriend, which made me feel better about those rude emu.

Humboldt Penguins

They may be small and adorable, but no one warns you that Humboldt Penguins are nasty little fuckers. They kept snapping at people and trying to steal one kids hat. Cute though.

Red Pandas

These fluffers were the most docile and sweet things I’ve ever seen. All they did was trundle about, climb trees and eat bits of plants. They enclosure was pretty low, which was a surprise, but they didn’t care about the public gawking at them.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Look at that happy lil bearded dragon. He walked over to say hello. The reptile house was hotter than hell but I got to see some cuties.

Red Squirrels

Squirrels are hard to photograph. So we found a sleeping one.

Snow Leopards

I was really looking forward to seeing the Snow Leopards. They slept all day and were so domestic cat-like it when doing it that it was weird. They were also much bigger than I was expecting. Also, look at that giant paw!


I didn’t expect to see any tigers, I’ve never had the chance in any other zoos as they get crowded really fast. As their enclosure is literally off the beaten track, it was easier to get right up to the fence. The only tiger out was what looked a cub. He was ginger and I loved him.

We had such a great day. The weather was perfect and we got to see so many lovely animals. The only things we missed were the meercats because we literally couldn’t find them. The zoo is a total maze. I would definitely recommend it to anyone within driving distance. Its a fun, cheap and kid-friendly day out.



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