Netflix TV Shows I’m Loving Right Now

10. Archer

Archer is the top spy as ISIS, run by his domineering mother, and spends his days drinking and philandering whilst his long-suffering colleagues do all the work. It’s the perfect blend of animation, adult humour and downright absurdity. It’s my go-to TV show when I’m tired after work and just want to chill out for a while.

9. Good Morning Call

This Japanese drama is based of manga of the same name. Nao moves to the city to attend high school, whilst Uehara is looking to escape from his brother and new wife (whom he is secretly in love with) and they are duped into renting the same place without each others knowledge. It’s cute and fun to watch plus, you simply know that Good Morning Call will have a happy ending.

8. Arrested Development

The first time I watched Arrested Development I was horrified with myself for not giving it a chance when it was actually on air. When his father goes to prison for numerous crimes, Michael Bluth steps up to run the family business alongside his hapless family. It’s absolutely worth it for the innuendo alone.

7. Absolutely Fabulous

If you grew up in the UK and grew up in the 90s, you were aware of Absolutely Fabulous. Of course, when it was first on air I was too young to watch it and it took Netflix added it to their catalogue for me to finally get around to it. Edina Monsoon and friend Patsy drive sensible daughter Saffron up the wall with their drinking, drug use and outlandish behaviour. It’s honestly one of the funniest TV shows ever to come out of the BBC and I’ve never laughed so hard as I have during the episode when they go food shopping at the supermarket.

6. Breaking the Magician’s Code

Breaking the Magician’s Secrets is a TV show dedicated to ruining the illusion of the greatest magic tricks. I love it. As someone who can’t do the most basic of card tricks, I’m fascinated by anyone who call pull off such grand illusions.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This comedy follows Jake Peralta and his comedic exploits at Brooklyn Nine-Nine police station. With Terry Crews, Andy Samberg and Chelsea Peretti, this was already a winner before I even clicked play. Each character is completely different and insane. Even Mr à La Mode loved it. He never believes me that TV shows are good until I force him to watch them. But he always conceeds.

4. Orphan Black

Now in its fourth season, Orphan Black has never been better. It tells the story of Sarah, a rebellious young woman who discovers she is a clone and has to keep her family and clone siblings safe from forces out to destroy them. How one person can be so many different characters at one time is astounding. Tatiana Maslany is perfect as each and every clone, you truly believe they are all different people. Filled with suspense and genuine humour, its honestly one of the best TV shows around at the moment.

3. Scream

Okay, let me put a few things out there. The acting is awful, the plot is severely flawed and is glaringly obvious from the first episode exactly who is behind the mask, yet…I can’t turn it off. The second season of Scream started at the end of May and I’m already re-addicted.

2. F is for Family

F is for Family follows the Murphy family in 1970s America, through colour TV, menial labour and kids roaming wild in the streets. I honestly didn’t expect it to be so funny. There are so many adult animation shows on right now that I assumed it would be rubbish. But it’s not. It was Bob’s Burgers with a lot of f-bombs thrown in there.

1. iZombie

I am in love with this TV show. iZombie surrounds doctor Liv Moore (hyuck hyuck) who is scratched by a zombie at a boat party and takes a job in a morgue to have easy access to brains that give her visions from the lives of the dead. She works with cop, Clive Babineaux, catching criminals by pretending to be a psychic with a little help from her boss (the beautiful) Ravi. On paper it sounds so awful but trust me (like Mr à La Mode and Samm), its brilliant.


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