Junk Free June: Week 2 ✔️

A new week, a new attempt.

Wednesday 8th
60g Bran Flakes
Cherry Coke 300ml
Pepsi Max 330ml
Aldi BBQ Chicken and Pepper Pizza
2 Jaffa Cakes

The beginning of week two saw a loss of cravings. Whether I’m just passed that phase or its waiting to come back and bite me is another thing. I also managed to eat terribly whilst still being within my calorie range. The boyfriend and I went to pick up Samm and Dave from Whitchurch after hot air ballooning so we hardly had any time/energy to cook after I finished work at 8pm. Hence the pizza. Plus we still hadn’t done a weekly shop and just nipped to Aldi on the way home for our tea. I was also in a foul mood because the weather was still terrifically oppressive and I decided that I simply needed that Cherry Coke.

Thursday 9th
4 Jaffa Cakes
1 cup Roasted Vegetable Soup
White Roll
Chicken Curry and 1/2 bag of Rice
1/2 Garlic and Coriander Naan
1 Vanilla Slice

Thursday is shopping day so I was chuffed to have actual food in the house. All I wanted was some curry and a vanilla slice so I had one. I went slightly over my calories but it was mostly healthy food so I wasn’t too bothered.

Friday 10th
2 Homemade Chocolate Chunk Cookies
60g Aldi Honey Loops
Homemade Oven Chips with Scampi
Roasted Broccoli and Mushrooms
1 tin Corale Beans and Sausages
1 Vanilla Slice

Okay, so I majorly fucked up on Friday. 1850 calories and 52g of fat. It was not a good day. For some reason I just couldn’t stop shoving food into my facehole. I made too much food for tea and then went back for seconds before I’d put it in the fridge. If I had just taken 30 seconds to put it in a Tupperware container I would probably have been fine. Then I made the mistake of making cookies for the boyfriend and work and had two of them at almost 200cals each. And my vanilla slice was going out of date. Overall, terrible day.

Saturday 11th
60g Aldi Honey Loops
1 Homemade Chocolate Raisin Cookie
4 Aldi Jaffa Cakes
Cheese, Onion and Mushroom Chips

So Saturday I was fed up and I wanted cheesy chips. I was determined to have said cheesy chips. I didn’t even oven cook them, I fried them, like some sort of heathen. I added onion and mushroom to this pretense. Then went back for seconds. I am a failure at healthy eating.

Sunday 12th
60g Aldi Honey Loops
McDonalds Large McChicken Sandwich Meal
1 small Beef in Gravy Barm
2 Aldi Jaffa Cakes

Sunday we slipped up. I started out with good intentions, putting beef in the slow cooker for a roast, but then the boyfriend got called into work unexpectedly, and I didn’t see the point in making all that food just for me. He gave me this look and we both knew we’d broken. Honestly, the McDonalds was such a disappointment, I won’t be having one again any time soon.

Monday 13th
60g Aldi Honey Loops
2 Aldi Jaffa Cakes
Homemade Beef Stew with Mash
1 Homemade Chocolate Raisin Cookie

I jumped back on the bandwagon after weighing myself and realising that my three-day all-you-can-eat extravaganza had caused me to put 2lbs back on. What a waste of progress. I was so annoying with myself for not sticking to Junk Free June. The boyfriend also agreed that it was a mistake to get any fast food at all.

Tuesday 14th
30g Aldi Honey Loops
30g Branflakes
Hula Hoops
3 Lincolnshire Sausages (baked)
200g Mash
Roasted onions, broccoli and leek

Tuesday was a bit of a mix and match of food as we’re getting to the end of the week before we go shopping and things are starting to run out. Hence the messy breakfast. Yes I did put both cereals in one bowl. Sue me. As per usual, work had nothing in the canteen at 3pm when I was hungry, so I settled for crisps with the lowest fat content I could find. Also, I figured out the times that I want to cave are when I’m tired. If I’m hungry I can wait, if I’m busy I can wait but when I’m tired cooking is the absolute worst chore on the planet.

Wednesday 15th
30g Bran Flakes
30g Aldi Honey Loops
Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps
2 Aldi Jaffa Cakes
Chips, Fish and Curry Sauce

Oh dear. We broke twice in one week and had a chippy. It just fit into my calorie allowance, somehow. So worth it. I don’t even care.

End of Week 2
Weight: 198.2lbs
Weight loss is not a steady decline. I already knew this but it still stung a little bit when I saw I’d only lost 3oz. To be fair, I had a terrible weekend when it came to food and the most exercise I’ve done it walking to and from the bus stop. So it’s hardly surprising. I’ve been a bit frustrated with cooking, my boyfriend is the fussiest person alive and I cook for both of us so I tend to make the same 4 or 5 meals over and over. It’s very boring.


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