5 Things I Give No Fucks About

5. UEFA European Championship 2016KDSuASf.gif

Who wants to see overgrown school boys kick a ball around a field for 90 minutes whilst middle-aged blokes called Paul down pints of cheap lager and sing borderline (over the line) racists songs at the opposing team? Who also wants to hear about every kick in great detail by someone who has never been near/on a football pitch in their life? Not this gal.

4. Complaining Referendum Remainers

You know what’s more boring than talking about politics? Listening to other people WHO HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY’RE ON ABOUT talk about politics. So you’re a remainer who didn’t get their own way in the vote? BOOfuckingHOO. Stop throwing your dummy out of the pram and shut up.

3. Viral “Facebook Will Steal Your Stuff/Charge Membership Fees” Posts

If you honestly think that Facebook will secretly take your shit or change their terms and conditions illegally, simply because of some badly spelled status that’s been shared around, then you really are the stupidest of the dumb and need to get off the internet.

2. Fragile Male Egos
Pandering to whiny members of the opposite sex is not even on my radar. Think I’m going to be impressed by your mansplaining, your constant condescending wish for me to smile or the fact that you’re just so gosh-darned male you can’t even use a pink pen to carve out your testerone-fuelled ramblings? Not even a little bit.

1. Game Of Thrones Season Finale

I used to love GoT but then it all rolled one into amorphous blob of boring. Idgaf about the bad acting, the stretched out and obviously misleading storylines and the fact that its supposedly the best TV show ever. I have no fucks left to give.


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