How I Relax

Like many other people, the daily grind manages to get me down towards the end of the week. Sometimes it stresses me out so I figured out a few techniques to wind down when I’m seriously pissed off.

1. Watching a movie like The Ramen Girl
Abby follows her boyfriend to Japan, but shortly after arriving he dumps her. Alone in a strange country, Abby decides to reinvent herself by becoming a protegé for a local ramen chef.

This is by no means an Oscar worthy movie but it’s damn adorable and Brittany Murphy makes it worth watching. By the end I’m always in a good mood.

2. Taking a LONG bath
Preferably with a ton of pamper products and a colourful bath bomb so you can watch it fizz away. My go-to bath time compilation is a Frozen bath bomb, Outback Mate soap, a relaxing face mask like Superdrug’s Cooling Cucumber, all followed by slathering myself in The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Body Puree.


3. Scrolling through Buzzfeed
Listicles about daft topics and silly/fun quizzes are a quick and easy way to take your mind off things. I especially love any of Kristen’s articles. Because she is amazing. Kristen is love, Kristen is life.

4. Burning Incense
There is nothing quite as relaxing as the scent of incense. No matter which I use, I always feel much more chilled out and the whole house ends up smelling My favourite scents are Sun (zesty orange), Green Man (leafy/woody aromas) and Wizard’s Spell (patchouli). I have a quickly dwindling collection.


5. Reading A Few Chapters of Yes Please! By Amy Poehler
It’s taking me so long to read this book because I don’t want to finish it. I’ve been reading a little bit at a time since Christmas. I love Amy Poehler, she’s hilarious and the book is a masterpiece.



6. And if all else fails…Ice Cream!


What about you? What do you do to de-stress?


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