Lush: Karma Shower Jelly

Since I’ve been shopping at Lush, I’ve been desperate to get my hands on Karma Shower Jelly. As it’s not a permanent product you have to wait for its appearance in the Kitchen. Like many other people, I either forget to put money away for Kitchen products or miss them entirely. This was my constant source of disappointment, until this April when I managed to snag myself some.

When it’s on the Kitchen menu, Karma Shower Jelly is only available in one size, 240g priced at £8.25. I figured this was fairly reasonable considering their 100g pots in the permanent collection cost £3.95 upwards. I was fairly surprised at how big the pot actually was when I received it. Unfortunately, the jelly itself wasn’t 100% set and had leaked a little during transit, covering my samples, but this wasn’t a big deal.

Before I’d even twisted the lid off, I was overwhelmed with the incredibly strong (but somehow not overpowering) scent of Karma. According to the website description, it contains lemongrass, patchouli and pine amongst other fragrances. Of course, the first thing I did was carefully grab it out of the tub and squeeze it, because apparently I am a child. There’s something oddly satisfying about poking at jelly.

My hoarder tendencies kept me from using this for three months before I caved. I’ve only ever had the 100g jelly tubs before so, strangely, I was looking forward to cutting it up as I’ve seen done in SO many Instagram videos. With that in mind I gave my dresser a good clean and stepped to it, along with a trusty kitchen knife that can now never be used to chop up food again.

The jelly was surprisingly firm but still easy to cut up. I thought that I was being more generous with the pieces than I actually was as some are quite small but this shouldn’t matter too much when in use. My only tiny issue with this was that the jelly was really still quite wet. I had to wipe off the moist (ew) patches with some kitchen towels before I could start as otherwise it would have left red stains on my dresser. Other than that, I would definitely recommend chopping up large tubs of jelly to use, it now seems so wasteful that I’ve applied my other ones whole.

Then came the shower test. For the purposes of this review, I tried a small piece in my hand before carefully wetting it and was pleasantly surprised to see that it lathered up quite nicely. I’ve always had a problem with getting the jellies to foam  and now it seems that I was doing it wrong. Chunks are the way to go!


Great bathroom lighting (for a change) really set off the redness of the jelly. As you can see, there are a few small suds on my hand as most dripped off into the sink while I was taking the picture. To clean myself, I tried three different methods.

  1. Applying the chunk directly to my skin. This is my usual method and with such a small piece, became the most difficult thing to do. It kept slipping between my fingers and landing on the plug hole. It didn’t do much in the way of lather and I wasn’t impressed.
  2. Rubbing the chunk into a shower puff. This provided the most lather but it didn’t do anything for my skin. It made my skin feel weirdly dry and I really did not like that. Afterwards I felt like I had to wash myself again to feel like I had reaped the benefits of the product.
  3. Lathering the chunk in my hand and then applying the soap. This was the most successful and I will use my jellies like this from now on. It didn’t slip off the side of the bath, as I’d expected, but I think keeping it on my shower’s soap tray will help.

After drying off, I found my skin is lightly fragranced and moderately soft. Its formula is no better and no worse than other shower jellies from the range, but the scent alone is worth it. If you’re a fan of all things Karma, I would recommend it. However, if you’re not fussed on the fragrance, other jellies give the same effect so it might not be for you.


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