Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Recently, I said goodbye to the only foundation I’ve ever loved (R.I.P. M&S Collection Foundation, you are truly missed) after finding that the product had started to split like that gunky nail polish you’ve had for years and don’t really want to chuck out, even though you should. I’d been hanging on to the last third of the tube for 9 months in a desperate hope that Marks and Sparks would bring back their discontinued line of make up. They have not.

Thus, I had to start my quest for the perfect match foundation all over again. I don’t often wear makeup as my skin has been especially problematic the last 5 years, meaning I tend to save it for special occasions or those just ‘cos days. I need something moderately long-lasting, medium coverage, not especially oil or heavy and available in cool tones. Sounds simple, right?


I know it might seem a bit stupid when my skin is hard to match, but I always buy my makeup online. There is literally one cosmetics shop in my town and they only seem to carry the predictable 3 shades of foundation that aren’t burnt sienna which never come close to matching my skin tone. Otherwise I have to travel 30 minutes to an hour, to the nearest city, to find a decent makeup store.

I came across Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation at Superdrug and at £9.99 for 30ml, it was at the higher end of my low budget. However, this is fairly middle of the road pricing for drugstore makeup. I’ve had Bourjois foundations in the past and found them a little on the orange side, as most foundations seem to be, but something kept telling me to give this a go. So bought myself their lightest shade, Light Vanilla 51. It promised to last for 16 hours whilst giving me a healthy glow and flawless complexion.


First of all, I really like pump dispenser foundations. Despite it being glass, you can usually get right to the bottom of these types of bottles. Plus, I find that I tend to use a lot less. They also seem more hygienic to me, whether they actually are I don’t know, but I prefer them to dunking my hands into pots or faffing with palettes.

The foundation itself was neither thin, nor thick. It lay in that no-man’s-land of middle ground viscosity which is perfectly fine. I personally prefer moderately thin foundations and this product was the exact right consistency for me. On the back of my hand I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was already seeming to be a perfect match. I have pale, cool toned skin that breaks out at the slightest thing. My eyes also tend to be a little yellow toned with the wrong foundation shade so I was unsure at first if this would help. I’ve also been suffering with a horrific bout of Supremely Awful Combination Skin in that my t-zone is oily af but my cheeks are dry and flaking, so I was worried about it making my already horrific face look even worse.


Healthy Mix blends like a dream. It took minimal fuss to make this look natural and light, even when blending into my neck. In regards to my SACS (see above), I needn’t have worried. It didn’t sink into any dry patches or leave tell-tale foundation lines around my eyes after being set with a little swish of Rimmel’s Transparent Powder. It also smells lovely – a little fruity as the pictures on the bottle suggests. I used 1 1/2 to 2 pumps to cover my entire face with a little excess leftover.

Please excuse my 9am face. Doing anything before midday feels like a punishment.

As you can see from the photos, my foundation is even and natural. The photo on the left has the slightest yellow tone around my mouth but this was down to the lighting in my bedroom rather than the shade chosen. I used a flat foundation brush to blend in, which I won’t do again. I feel like it would work better with a stipple brush to give my skin a dewy glow. It’s not very buildable, but then I never like to wear more than one thin layer of foundation or I feel caked in it. It doesn’t afford much coverage, so if you prefer medium-full then this isn’t going to cut the mustard. I like to let my freckles show through so its great for me.

I wore this product all day, for around 10 hours, and took another photo when I got home to see how it lasted.

As you can see, when I left the house at 10.30am, my foundation was a lot paler than when I returned. It oxidised slightly over the course of the day but the match is still really good. I’m so pleased that I’ve found an almost-perfect foundation match on my first attempt. It also wore away around the eyes and across the bridge of my nose due to my glasses but otherwise, it stayed put pretty well. There were no re-applications or touch ups throughout the day, so for £9.99 I’m impressed.

I had only one small issue with this product. It’s too thin to cover any redness, or under eye circles so a good liquid concealer is a must. I didn’t have one to hand, only the stub of a Collection Matte Lasting Perfection concealer stick which does NOT work with this foundation. I will definitely be investing in Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Concealer come payday, hopefully it will be as good as the foundation.


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