Pink Parcel: May 2016 Edition Unboxing

If I’m 100% honest, I’d have to say that until the Liverpool Period Project I’d never heard of Pink Parcel. On opening my goody bag, I pulled out the parcel and without discrimination, pried open the boxes to get to the precious innards. It was only after I’d discovered the loveliness awaiting me that I took a step back and evaluated the box.

Pink Parcel design custom period packages based on your needs and desires, delivered to your door on a monthly basis according to your cycle. On subscribing, you get the choice between pads, tampons or a mixed selection. Under each category, you choose a type of product and then are given the option to select a brand.


When it arrives, your box looks like this. Inside there is a couple of pamphlets on how Pink Parcel works, a tampon disposal bag dispenser designed to be used with only one had (clever!) and a voucher for £60 off wine. They certainly know their target audience. The packaging itself is gorgeous; simple and discreet but elegant.

Inside you receive five black boxes, each emblazoned with a different title.

The first one I looked at was the For Now pouch. In this I received a selection of tampons and pantyliners. I know the liners are BodyForm but the brand of the tampons isn’t stated anywhere – I think they might be Tampax. The pouch is really cute and something I would probably use in my bag to keep pads and such hidden, whilst still being within reach.


Next is two packs of 10 tampons titled For Later, all the same brand and type judging from the yellow wrapper.


I also received a pack of FemFresh intimate wipes in a cute box labelled For Down There. I thought this travel sized addition was a great idea and something that I could put in the fabric For Now pouch to carry around with me during that time of the month.


Last of all was my favourite part, the For You box. This is a little treasure chest of treats to get you through Shark Week.

Fudge Kitchen Gourmet Fudge in White Chocolate and Raspberry ( £10 for 12), English Tea Shop teabag in Organic Chocolate, Rooibos and Vanilla ( £6.99 for 60 bags) and a Lottie London Shade and Shadow Brush ( £5).

Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner ( £1.29 for 50ml), Rococo Mini Bee Bar in Honeycomb Crunch ( £1.50 for 20g), Badger Sleep Balm ( £4.99) and Cougar Perfect Pout Lip Plumper ( £29 for 10ml).

And lastly, the True Brit London Nail Polish in Its a Monthly Thing ( £12.50).

I’m in love with Pink Parcel and I’ll definitely be subscribing in the future. Priced at £10.50 (inc p&p) a month, considering what you get inside, I think its worth it. Each product is well thought out and carefully selected, taking into consideration all the things we have to deal with during that time of the month. I’m especially excited about the Badger Sleep Balm as I can’t get enough of these types of products, and the Rococo Chocolate looks absolutely delicious!


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