Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

When I heard about this new innovative product called micellar water, I scoffed. I’ll admit it, I thought it was a load of old rubbish, especially as a cleanser. Water is used for cleansing but without a soap based product, I couldn’t imagine this working. Then, they started popping up in every shop by every brand and people began raving about how good it was. Maybe they knew something I didn’t. I tried Garnier’s Sensitive Skin 100ml version and didn’t get to use much as I stupidly dropped the bottle in the bath, smashed in the corner and most of it washed down the drain.

I trust Garnier and decided that if I was going to try any micellar water again, I’d go back to that brand. And so, I picked up the Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Water for Combination and Sensitive Skin in Boots quite recently. The usual price for this product is £4.99 but on purchase, it was on offer for £3.33.


The bottle size is pretty generous, and you can apparently get 200 uses out of the 400ml. I very much doubt that as I’ve been known to be heavy-handed with my skincare. A little goes a long way is a foreign concept to me.

Micellar water is meant to be a gentle makeup remover, meaning it’s the type of product that will get in your eyes at some point. I have seriously sensitive eyes and am afflicted with the dreaded dry eye. Some mascaras and most make up removers sting like a mother, so I’ve had to be really careful lately.

To use, you soak a cotton pad with a few drops and wipe it over your face, anywhere you need to cleanse. I also like to use a little on my neck for good measure.


As you can see from the photo, after cleansing before bed, it still picked up every scrap of dirt my face accumulated over the night.

Before and After Make Up

When applied, it wiped away all traces of makeup and left my skin still feeling very hydrated. Water alone usually leaves my face feeling strangely dirty and tight, so this was a pleasant surprise. However, it didn’t do much for mascara. I had to break out the heavy-duty L’Oreal to remove that stuff.

Despite the fact that it left my skin soft and clean, I still felt the need to moisturise afterwards. I’ve been using the micellar water  to remove make up and cleanse in the evenings for the last two weeks and it’s not really done too much for my face. I’ve over-exfoliated and got my face into a right old mess so I wasn’t expecting any miracles and I’m not disappointed, especially for the price. I’ll definitely continue to use this and maybe in a few weeks I’ll be more impressed.


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