Lush: Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb

Over the last 18 months I’ve watched as the Inhale Exhale Bath Bomb sold out faster than I could add it to my online shopping basket. It seemed that no matter how early, or quickly, I logged into Lush‘s website I would be forever greeted with the phrase “Sold Out”. When I found that it was being included in one of July’s Kitchen menus I made it my mission to finally get some and luckily, I managed to grab two.

Screenshot (12 August 2016 11_11)

Initially, I was really disappointed with the size. Costing £3.95 each, I expected bath bombs of a similar size to Big Blue and Frozen. Inhale Exhale was just slightly (and I mean slightly) larger than Butterball. It was smaller in diameter than Montalbano, shown in the photo. It doesn’t seem particularly fair that you pay a premium price for a tiny product, especially as the website didn’t advertise the weight.

Nevertheless, I had been waiting for what seemed like an eternity to try this product so I wasn’t going to let it being tiny put me off. I ummed and ahhed for a few weeks before trying this product out, not sure if I was going to love it or hate it based on the scent alone. Inhale Exhale is incredibly smokey, but not quite as in your face as The Experimenter, which I can give or take.

“Pop into the bath and inhale uplifting neroli and ylang ylang oils to clear your mind of all but positive thoughts. Once contentedness is brimming within, slowly exhale before taking in a fresh breath of grounding sandalwood and earthy vetivert oils”

Sandalwood is one of my absolute favourite essential oils and is extremely potent in this product, which I really like. If you’re not a lover of that scent then this bath bomb will not be for you.

Each side of the bath bomb is a different colour, Inhale imprinted on the red and Exhale on the blue, although both sides smell the same.


The red side dissolved fairly quickly in the bath, leaving the blue side to foam and roll around for a good 15 minutes after it was gone. I’m not the biggest fan of the slow bath bombs from Lush but this one didn’t even cling to the sides of the bath, which was nice. The scent was really strong once it started to dissolve, it filled the bathroom and became a little too much. I had to open the windows to feel like I could breathe properly.


It left the water a weird maroon-purple colour that wasn’t entirely unpleasant but I didn’t care for personally. It reminded me too much of that awful Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb from last year. The consistency of the water was pretty ok, it had that typical Lush silkiness but it wasn’t as nice as other bath bombs.

Inhale Exhale is not the best bath bomb to come out of the Lush Kitchen and I don’t think I would bother making the effort to buy one again. That being said, it’s still a good product, just not worth the price.


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