Contouring: A Tragedy

I’m not a newbie when it comes to make up, I’ve been slapping it on since I was 13. But I am simply not very good at it. Back in 2001 it was much easier to look presentable. All you needed was some mascara, candy floss scented roller ball lip gloss (or Lancôme Juicy Tubes if you were fancy) and a little frosted eyeshadow. Now, there are a lot of expectations and if you don’t follow the “rules” you look dated. The trends these days are much more time consuming than simply brushing on blusher stripes before leaving the house.

Contouring is a trend that I can’t foresee disappearing in the near future. Everyone from Kim Kardashian, to the girl you sit by in work has had a go at it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for a while but have never had the guts to do. I can barely blend in my foundation, much less a ton of bronzer, concealer and highlighter. I recently won the Technic Contour Stix set in a raffle at the LPP Event and its given me the excuse to try it out at last.

This kit retails at £4.49 on I’d never heard of them until I picked this up and so decided to do a little research. Technic is owned by umbrella company Badgequo Ltd, a developed in Britain firm that also distributes to Germany BUT the products are made in China. Which means that, in accordance with Chinese beauty regulations, this product will have been tested on animals 😦

Moving on; in the set you get three different cream sticks: bronzer, concealer and highlighter. There is no specified shade, I’m not really sure if there’s supposed to be one, so I’m hoping it matches. I’m also going to have to learn how to blend and fast so that I don’t end up looking like this:


Starting out, this task was pretty intimidating. I’ve seen a billion contouring videos on Instagram and Youtube, where the applicants make it look so quick and easy. That is most definitely not the case. The first thing I did was watch a bunch more in-depth beginners guide videos. Then I had a little panic and put my make up away for a while.

Finally, I mustered the strength to give this a go, sat at my dressing table and followed the guide on the box, starting with the Dark stick.

As you can see, I did the exact contour guide the back of the packet suggests. I blended it in and my face looked so incredibly dirty and not at all different in shape. Thinking that perhaps it all comes together at the end, I picked up the Light stick.

Now I just look like I’ve slapped a load of concealer on my face and blended it in badly. The first thing I noticed about these sticks is that although they are a creamy consistency, they are really difficult to blend properly. They tend to sit atop the skin or disappear completely. Lastly, I moved onto Highlight.


The lighting in my house is awful and this photo was the best I could get. You cant even see the highlight at all. My face just looks dirty, I look like I’ve got a tan line on my forehead and my nose looks huge. I’m not sure how that happened when contouring is designed to slim the nose but, whatever. I previously tried this with foundation and the cream rubbed it all off.

Our of the three sticks, I would probably use the Light for concealer in a pinch, and maybe the highlight as it’s quite subtle but still a nice shimmery silver shade. The dark one will probably end up in the bin as unfortunately, I really don’t think contouring is for me.

Do you guys have any beginners contouring tips? Is cream better than powder? Help a sistah out.



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