Pil’Aten Blackhead Remover Patch

The Liverpool Period Project came with a huge goody bag and so many products I was excited to try. One of them was the Pil’Aten Blackhead Remover Patch. I’d seen these liquid to solid patches in many different shops by a dozen different brands but never got around to trying them.

It came with this applicator, which I previously mistook for a really cheap contouring brush (whoops, my bad) and tried to use it to blend out the Technic Contour Stix. Don’t do that, it does not work.


The sachet didn’t feel particularly full of product but on opening, I squeezed it out and realised I had enough for at least another 2 applications. Luckily I used the lid of an old Lush Shower Jelly, so I screwed the bottom back on and kept it for another day.


The mask itself doesn’t smell of anything in particular. It has that typical pore strip scent; sort of chemical but still quite clean. I don’t mind those types of smells too much. The instructions said to apply to a cleansed face for 30 minutes. I used a little Garnier Micellar Water and then brushed it on. The consistency is great, it doesn’t slop all over the place and stayed nicely on the brush. A small amount goes a long way and I used less than a quarter on my nose and chin.


So fetch

I let it dry whilst I did some blog maintenance and after about 10 minutes, it began to tingle ever so slightly. I usually panic about tingly products, having previously burnt my face with an Epoch Mud Mask, but this was so subtle that I stopped noticing after a few seconds. The brush also rinsed really quickly, which was a blessing as I couldn’t be bothered finding the brush cleaner.

The mask also began to firm up quickly. Before the 30 minutes were up it had dried completely and stiffened without being uncomfortable. I really prefer this method than the papier-mache like pore strips. Once it had fully dried, it began to slightly peel away around the edges on my chin, which was not ideal but made removal easier.

If you click on each photo you can see that not actually much was removed in the way of blackheads. There was a lot of hair pulled out (hair I didn’t even know I had, funnily enough) and the few tips of some blackheads but nothing worth writing home about. Like other pore strips, it left my nose area feeling really smooth and soft which is always a benefit. But, it had no real effect.

For a freebie, its fine and I’m not complaining but the Pil’Aten Blackhead Remover isn’t something I would go out and purchase. What do you think? Are there better remover masks out there worth trying?


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