10 Things I Hate About Bank Holidays

In case you haven’t noticed, I hate most things.

10 Things I Hate About Bank Holidays

  1. Having to work when everyone else is off and rubbing their paid days off in your face on social media
  2. Scrolling through your Facebook timeline and being assaulted with images of pasty white male torsos, can of lager in one hand, burnt Co-Op burger in the other
  3. Going in to work and having people say what a shame it is you’re in on the Bank Holiday


  4. Putting up with everyone talking about going out and getting pissed when you’d rather set yourself on fire than listen to their inane ramblings
  5. Said people looking at you like you’re insane for not wanting to go to shitty clubs in your small town, buy cheap watered down drinks and get dry humped by the teen boys who turn 18 at midnight, then stumble into work still drunk the next morning


  6. Supermarket panic buyers (who seem to think that running out of bread will matter when the shops only open an hour or so later that normal) twatting you in your heels with their trollies whilst you’re just trying to get a bottle of Fanta and some Extra Spearmint from the self-service check out
  7. Traffic EVERYWHERE because, still, no one understands the concept of Bank Holiday traffic rush hours, especially when its Temporary Traffic Light Season
  8. Neighbours, as far as the eye can see, having shitty barbecues in the rain (it always rains), playing crap music and letting their loud, annoying children roam free until the early hours of the morning the nights before, and of, the Bank Holiday


  9. Waiting an extra 2 hours for your takeaway because everyone has either given up trying to barbecue, or charred everything into oblivion and are too drunk to safely use an oven
  10. Drunk people starting fights in the street at 2am when you’re just trying to sleep after putting up with all of the above nonsense




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