Lush: Discontinued Products I Wish Would Make a Comeback

Once a year or so, Lush likes to discontinue some of their permanent line products and relegate them to occasional appearances in the Kitchen. Therefore, meaning waking up at 8am and fighting your way through a metaphorical swarm of fellow Lushies to order before the products sell out. Many a time, I’ve woken up a skosh too late and missed out on items I had been looking forward to. With Lush’s recent announcement that they are discontinuing Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar, Green bubbleroon, Honey Bee bath bomb, Pop in the Bath bubble bar and Porridge soap, it got me thinking about items from the past that I would LOVE to still be constantly available.

Space Girl Bath Bomb
This goes without saying, as this little planet is my absolute favourite bath bomb Lush have ever produced. It smells like parma violet sweets, makes the water look like a galaxy when dissolving and leaves your skin so gorgeously soft its unbelievable. Plus, it was on the cheaper end of the price range so it didn’t hurt your pocket too much (unless you bought loads). I, unfortunately, only got to try this three times before it was discontinued and getting hold of the bath bomb since has been like trying to catch water.

Temple of Truth Bubble Bar
Last year I ordered this from the Kitchen on a whim and immediately regretted not stocking up. ToT is scented with sandalwood and reminds me of burning incense. Its deep blue colour and aroma are incredibly soothing in the tub, leaving me the most relaxed I’d ever felt in my life. Despite the fact the blue fades incredibly fast, it still colours the water nicely. I recently managed to snag a couple more and I’m saving them for best.


Dirty Soap
Dirty soap was a big hit in my household, not so much for me, but Mr à La Mode loved it. Smelling just like the perfume and shower gel of the same name, this soap was incredibly minty and refreshing without being overpowering. With the kind of job the Mr has, this was perfect for scrubbing away a 12 hour shift.

Golden Slumbers Bath Bomb
Golden Slumbers shares its name with my favourite Beatle’s song and it did not disappoint. Literally golden and chockful of lustre, this bath bomb is scented with lavender and leaves the bath shimmering. I honestly didn’t care for it the first time, but on the second go, I fell for it. This product is still available at the flagship Oxford Street store in London, but for those of us up North, we’ll have to wait for it to pop up in the Kitchen.

Demon in the Dark Soap
FINALLY, after 18 months of patience, I managed to get hold of this bad boy last week. Demon in the Dark has been teasing me online after being discontinued almost a decade ago. I remember grabbing this in the Trafford Centre store whilst I was Christmas shopping and not wanting to part with it but doing so anyway. I have no memory of who I gave it to or how much it cost at the time, but the scent, oh my sweet baby jebus, the SCENT! Sour apple and spearmint, so minty and ever so slightly fruity that it seems almost edible. If this was available in store/online permanently I wouldn’t use anything else.


Grass Shower Gel
Discontinued in 2015, I only managed to grab a sample of Grass shower gel before it sold out online and in my local Lush store. I was gutted when I realised how lovely and refreshing it was! Grass literally smells like you’re walking through a field, it’s not too earthy but still fresh enough to wake you up. I also keep missing it in the Kitchen, so that’s a bit of a disappointment. Lush have recently brought out a bubble bar of the same name but it doesn’t quite compare.

Twilight Shower Gel
This time last year I had a bit of a to-do with Lush’s failure to deliver (after spending the extra on DPD, no less) and in my next delivery, one of the lovely We Care elves had ordered me a free Relax gift set, which was a lovely surprise. In it was Twilight, a shower gel version of the bath bomb with the same name. At first, I hated the smell, the consistency – everything. But the more I used it, the more I realised it was a diamond amongst pearls. This product is so relaxing and the tiniest bit goes a long way. I’m so glad its a frequent Kitchen favourite.


Bonus: a product I wish they WOULD discontinue

This might be a little controversial, but I really hate Sex Bomb bath bomb with a passion. The scent so overwhelmingly pink, it makes me feel physically sick anytime I’m near it. The flower in the middle turns to mush in the water and feels disgusting on the skin. I honestly don’t know how this is still a permanent collection product, I’ve never seen anyone buy it.


What products do you guys miss?



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