30 Day Make Up Challenge Day 3: Cat Eye

I’ve never been great with eyeliner and I do not have the steadiest hands, so cat eye and winged eye liner has always been terribly difficult. Over the years, I’ve invested many, many hours and a fair amount of money into achieving what has always felt like an impossibility. However, I set myself this task as I’m tired of giving up and really would love to learn how to do it. As they say, practise makes perfect but I’m not the most patient of people. In the spirit of taking on this challenge, I gathered together what remains of my liquid/gel eyeliner collection and stepped to it.



The first one I picked up was the Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner mini. At £9.95 for what is essentially a deluxe sample-sized product, I was expecting a lot more than what I got. Click on the product name to read my review! I gave this a real go, but the product had begun to dry up in the tube. I removed as much knackered eyeliner as I could and set about doing a thin line. Immediately, I messed up.


I scrubbed it off and started again. This time, going as thin and close to the lash line as possible, wiping off tons of excess onto the back of my hand. The nossle is incredibly difficult to work with as its too soft and flexible to provide a steady line. With any pressure, it simply bends and smudges against the face. Finally, I ended up with this failure.


I managed to fix most of it but no matter what I did, it kept flaking off and getting in my eyes. I was really not pleased with this at all. So I scrubbed it off which took FOREVER as this practically ingrains itself into your skin. Even with eye make up remover it was incredibly stubborn.

Eventually, I moved on to the MUA Luxe Voluminus Felt Eyeliner. I am a fan of MUA, they’re cheap and cheerful whilst actually being pretty good cosmetics. I originally wanted their Define Felt Liner but it was always out of stock, so I decided to try this one instead. Honestly, it’s pretty okay. The tip is huge, but the key word in the product title was Voluminous, so that shouldn’t have been a surprise.

It went on so easily, like drawing on your eyelid with one of Crayola felts I used to have when I was a kid. I was so happy with how simple this was to apply. I made a couple of mistakes, as you do, but they cleaned up incredibly fast with a cotton bud and a little bit of make up remover.20160903_154040


The thing is, when you pay £3.00 for an eyeliner, you’re not going to get great quality. This stuff is easy to apply but that’s it really. It’s nowhere within a million miles of waterproof (which I don’t mind tbf), it’s not going to last longer than a couple of hours and its not going to look that good, no matter how you apply it. I gave it a couple of goes and this was the best that I managed to do. Still though, once I master the art of the cat eye, it might look a lot better! All that being said, its great for practising and for beginners to make up so I’m actually pretty happy with it.

Lastly, we come to the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Eye Gel. I’ve had this a while and really like it. The tiny pot has lasted me months now, with no sign of running out. I’ve barely scratched the surface!


I used the Spectrum A17 brush for this one, managing to get a nice thin flick on both sides. They’re not even, not by any means, but they’re symmetrical enough for now. To give it the eye make up a bit of a boost, I applied some Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara and I’m chuffed with how long my lashes look in the photo. Trust me, they’re not like that sans mascara.



After spending two hours of my life working on this, I’m more or less happy with the results. I’ve gone from being a total novice to slightly less of a novice. I now know that, if push comes to shove, I can do the cat eye, with a brush. Perhaps I should have been doing that all along!




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