Merumaya Skincare Sampler

I’m always on the lookout for new skin care products, especially those that have free samples before I shell out. I recently received a trio of Merumaya minis at the LPP event and was so excited to give them a go. Before I got started, I gave them a little Google and discovered that the average price per item is £30 and child, I ain’t about to spend that kind of money on one thing. My bank balance couldn’t take it.

The three products I received were the (LtoR) Gentle Exfoliating Toner, Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil and Mud Marvels Mask.

First up was the Gentle Exfoliating Toner which I used each morning after cleansing with Nivea Daily Essentials Face Wash. I poured a little onto a cotton pad and gentle swiped across my t-zone. The product itself smells quite bland but not unappealing. As you can see from the photo, it’s literally a clear liquid so no residue was left on the skin that had to be washed away. The toner was quite harsh for my skin (despite claiming to be gentle) and left my forehead slightly red, which didn’t subside for a good half an hour after each use. It didn’t sting or cause any further issues so I finished off the bottle. Overall, I didn’t feel any benefits of this product.  For me, it definitely wouldn’t be worth the money to purchase the full size.


Each morning, I followed this up with two drops of the Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil. The instructions said it could be applied alone or mixed in with moisturiser. I have an incredibly oily t-zone so I used it alone. I’ve used other beauty oils in the past and found that they sank in to the skin but this one didn’t. It sat on my face for a few hours and left my skin greasy. Other than that, I’m not sure if anything happened to my skin. I didn’t have glow, it didn’t clear any blemishes. It just…sat there, annoying me. I think I’ll be sticking to The Body Shop oils.


The Mud Marvels Mask was the last of the three that I tried and the only one that I really liked. You get enough in the tiny tube for two applications and I used them both – one at the beginning of the week and one at the end. The mud smells as mud masks typically do, but with a subtle floral hint that I loved. It applied easily, set quickly, was seriously fast to wash off and left my skin so incredibly soft and looking clearer than it had in weeks. I’m half tempted to buy this once my current face mask stash has run out! Please excuse the poor lighting, my house is awful when trying to get a good picture at night.


Overall, do I think that these products are worth the money? Not for my skin, except perhaps the mask. Would I buy them? Maybe the mask, the other two; definitely not.



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