August Favourites and Regrets

This month I’ve been steering away from my usual beauty/skin care purchases (slightly) and started trying new things. Well, they aren’t necessarily new for everyone else just to me. As with anything else, its been trial and error with new hair, skin and make up products. I’ve managed to find a few things that I loved and some…eh, not so much.


Garnier Micellar Cleaning Water for Combination and Sensitive Skin
First on my faves list this month is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination and Sensitive Skin. I’ve tried loads of different cleansers over the last two years and finally, I’ve found one that is perfect for the end of the day. It’s gentle, but still removes any makeup and leaves my skin clean without any tightness, or the need for toner.


Grav3yardgirl Swamp Queen Palette

I’m a massive fan of Grav3yardgirl and when the limited edition palette was launched, I had to have it. It’s been my go-to for eyeshadows and highlight this month. The colours are gorgeous, long-lasting and blend like a dream. The highlight is subtle but stays put and the whole contraption is absolutely adorable. Massive thumbs up!

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream
I love a good hand moisturiser and on a recent trip to The Body Shop I picked up Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream to replace my rapidly dwindling Satsuma. The scent is absolutely divine, I’ve got several things in the same scent and I’d been waiting months for this to come back into stock. The moisturiser sinks into the skin immediately, with only a tiny amount of product needed and leaves my hands so delicately soft. I adore it.


Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub for Normal and Combination Skin
For the last few months, I’ve been using Lush’s Ocean Salt as my face exfoliator. Over the last 8 weeks I’d begun to notice my cheeks were horribly dry and flaky, something that I had never had to deal with before. I immediately stopped using it and let my face recover, sacrificing my t-zone in the process. A couple of weeks ago, in ASDA, of all places, I stumbled across Nivea Gentle Exfoliating Scrub for Normal and Combination Skin. It ticked all the boxes being gentle, for my skin type and a brand I trusted. After using it for a couple of weeks I’ve decided I love it. My skin is soft and not overly oily, my blemishes are clearing and it smells fresh and clean, like most Nivea products.


Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in Healthy Mix
After realising I’d been using the same blusher/bronzer for the last 3 years, I decided to actually go out and buy a new one. It’s probably not good for your skin to keep using old products but I honestly didn’t notice if made any difference to me. So, on a recent makeup hunt in Boots, I picked up the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher in Healthy Mix. The colour is a lovely deep pink that isn’t heavy on application. You do need to build the layers if you’re looking for something more than a hint of rose on the cheeks. I have a naturally red face, so this is perfect on top of light coverage foundation. It lasts all day and smells like perfume, but you can’t pick that up when wearing it.


Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Ultra Black
The top of my regrets list for August is a product that I thought I would love; Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara in Ultra Black. I adore mascaras that give extreme volume and make my eyes look huge in the process and I suppose this does what its meant to. However, it clumps on your eyelashes like you wouldn’t believe. All my eye lashes stuck together with one coat, meaning  I kept having to remove it and start again. It’s not easy to remove either, being that it’s designed not to smudge. No matter how much make up remover I used, I’d still have panda eyes in the morning. I found a way to apply the mascara so that it didn’t clump and thought I’d finally figured it out until it came to the bottom lashes. It did the same thing there and there was nothing I could do about it. So unfortunately, its gone in the bin.


L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Eye Make Up Remover
When it comes to make up removers, I like to do my research. I have sensitive eyes and need something that won’t sting, which is harder than you’d think to find. I spent what felt like an eternity looking up reviews and prices until I came across L’Oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise Eye Make Up Remover. The key word in the title being Gentle, which it is not. The stinging was unbelievably painful, no matter how much or little I used. My eyes would always end up watery and red after using it. Because it hurt so much, I could barely stand to remove my mascara and would often end up going to bed with it still on, which is a massive no-no unless you like black stains on your pillowcases. I also hated the dispenser. It’s literally a hole with no attempt to moderate how much is poured out, I wasted so much product the first few times I used it.


Sanex Dermo Invisible Deodorant
Like most people, I tend to go through a lot of antiperspirants and deodorants. Unlike most people, I didn’t realise there was a difference between them until this month. This revelation came in the form of Sanex Dermo Invisible Deodorant. Wondering why I was still sweating like a mother, I googled it and found out that deodorants just cover up the smell; its antiperspirants that limit sweating, or stop it all together. Now, I could have lived with that, if I liked the scent. Whenever I started to sweat (most of the time tbh, I’m a sweaty gal), the smell kicked up and made me gag. It’s not horrible, don’t get me wrong, it’s just incredibly strong. Also, despite being an invisible product stick, it left white marks over all my clothes. I’ve not chucked it out, in case I’ve ever that desperate for deodorant, but I will not be using it any time soon.


L’Oreal Privee Colour Riche Lipstick
I’m always on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick which can be extremely frustrating. Especially as one person’s nude is not another’s. I recently went into Liverpool and stopped off at Superdrug, searching for a cheap nude for job interviews when I came across L’Oreal Privee Colour Riche Lipstick in the shade Julianne’s Nude after actress Julianne Moore. Perfect, I thought! We have a similar colouring and when I swatched it on the back of my hand, it looked great, so I bought it. A few days later, getting ready for a job interview, I tried it on and it looked…not so great. The pink was a little too baby pink, not as peachy as it looked in the shop. I usually have to a wear shade a few times to get used to it so I did try, but I never came around to it. Additionally, it didn’t last long after application and it wasn’t very buildable. Sadly, its been relegated to the back of the make up drawer.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser
As I’ve mentioned before, I have combination skin and a particularly oily t-zone, meaning that I usually have to buy products designed specifically for my skin type. I had been using Nivea Daily Essentials Combination Skin Moisturiser but it didnt’ do much for me. I’m a girl on a budget, so I can’t afford any of the fancy stuff, I just want a cheap and cheerful moisturiser that stops me from shining 10 minutes after application. Online, I came across Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser. We’ve all seen the ads with the poreless teens splashing their face with water and blinded by sheer hope, I bought it. Let me put it this way, it might be oil free but my face isn’t. This stuff smells good but that’s where the benefits stop. My face isn’t any softer than without moisturiser, it’s just as oily and weirdly, it stings my skin slightly on application. I battled on for a good 3/4 of the tube before I called it a day. Not a product for me, I’m afraid.


There we have it, my August faves and regrets. Do you guys have anything you wish you hadn’t bought, or something you fell in love with?



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