30 Day Make Up Challenge: Day 8 & 9

So my face is struggling with the amount of make up and make up removal I’ve been doing over the past few days. I don’t usually wear much so its been a bit of a shock on the skin. I’m really going to have to go back to doing this daily.

Day 8: Eighties
I was born in 88 so I missed the entire decade being a fetus and small baby. Nevertheless, I love 80s music but my only influence in that department was hair metal. And I didn’t think I could pull it off. So, I moved to one of the very few female singers I do like and basically copied their look, with a tweak here and there. I thought it would be easier and it actually really was.

My mum and I used to clean listening to Cyndi Lauper, specifically her Twelve Deadly Cyns album. I grew up with her on blast whenever it was time to do the dishes and even now, I have to play I Drove All Night whenever I do the polishing.

I picked this one to copy because it was colourful and typically different, like Cyndi Lauper. Plus I knew I had all the colours. I’m not sure what the green splotches are all about but I worked with them.



Damn, I rocked the 80s look! I was definitely born in the wrong make up decade. I never knew that I could work frosted lilac eyeshadow #fire

Day 9: Nineties
As with the 80s, I decided to emulate a popular celebrity from the era. I did a little research and found the most 90s of all the photos of, the then über popular, Drew Barrymore.

I found that the best way to achieve a 90s make up base is to pretend that you’re a little girl ghost. Literally whiten your face with foundation, then cover in a powder the exact same shade. Don’t bother with anything that can distract from your perfect one dimensional skin. Not even eyeshadow. Except if you need to darken your brows, go the whole hog and get out that black eyeliner.


20160911_182658Somehow my lipstick ended up grey on camera, editing wouldn’t lighten it back to mid-brown and I really couldn’t be bothered to put all that makeup back on and find a different colour. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

The eyebrows though. They are the worst thing I’ve ever done to my face. And I tried to do the hair twists but couldn’t find any grabby clips. My hair had air-dried the night before so you get a good glimpse of what I looked like at 11 (obviously without the makeup).

This was probably the most fun one so far, I definitely can’t wait to do tomorrow’s!


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