Bake With Me: Mint Aero Cheesecake

I haven’t really done much cooking or baking lately, until Mr à La Mode came to me with a simple request for cheesecake. I’m not the best cook but I do make a great dessert, as my friends and family (aka, test subjects) can vouch for. So I thought it could be fun to do a tutorial on one of my quick and easy specialities: Mint Aero Cheesecake.

What you’ll need:
250g digestive biscuits
100g salted butter
300g Full Fat Cream Cheese (Philadelphia is best)
150g Icing Sugar
450ml Double Cream
2 x 120g bars Mint Aero
1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Electric Whisk/Beater
10 inch Springform Cake Tin
Microwave Safe Dish
2 Large Mixing Bowls
Tea Spoon
Table Spoon
Kitchen Scales
Rolling Pin


To start, we need to make the crumbs for the base. I do this by bashing the biscuits in a bowl with a rolling-pin, but you can save time by using a food processor. Then, melt the butter in the microwave for about 45 seconds. Once melted, mix the butter into the biscuit crumbs until they are thoroughly coated. We like a LOT of biscuit in our cheesecakes. If you’re not big on a thick base then use 150g of digestives and half the butter required, it works just as well, I promise.



Next, press the biscuit mixture into a cake tin until level (or as level as you can get it). I prefer to use a springform tin as it makes it easier to dish out the cheesecake at the end. A regular cake tin works fine, although you might want to line it with greaseproof paper to make it easier to remove later on. Chill this in the fridge for a while.


While your crumb base is cooling, you can get started on the filling. Mix together the cream cheese, sugar and lemon juice until smooth. FYI if you’re scale tub is broken then buy another one, don’t do what I do and carry on using it as you’ll get the icing sugar everywhere. Then whisk the double cream, with the vanilla essence if using, until it resembles whipped cream. I always tend to slightly over do this part and it makes absolutely no difference to the end result. The more whipped the cream is, the firmer the cheesecake. Mix the two together until thoroughly combined and then pop in the bottom of the fridge. If, like me, your kitchen is a sun trap, it’s better to have it out of the heat.


Now we need to smash up the Aeros. The easiest way to do this would be with a food processor but, I don’t have one of those so I wrap each bar in a tea towel (to muffle the noise a bit) and bash it into bits with the rolling-pin. I like to have some big chunks in mine so I don’t go too crazy. If you want Aero dust then you have to go to town on it.


Once that task is complete, take the cream cheese mixture from the fridge and fold in the grated chocolate until combined. Drop this on top of the crumb base and spread out evenly.



We have now come to our optional step: decoration. Melt the remaining half bar of chocolate, and drizzle across the top of the cheesecake. I like to swirl it in circles. Then, if you’re feeling fancy, top with Mint Aero Bubbles in any pattern you feel like. Here’s two I made earlier.


You’ll need to chill the cheesecake in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. I prefer to leave it overnight to really firm up – plus everything tastes better the next day.

Et Voilà! A delicious, mint chocolate cheesecake. It tastes amazing served alone, even better with chocolate sauce and maybe a little extra whipped cream.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you’d like to see more like this, please comment below!



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