Makeup Obsession Custom Palette

Like most people, I love a good beauty bargain and when Sabre put me on to Boot’s newest brand, Makeup Obsession, I had to have a good look online. I was hoping for something that was on the cheaper end of the spectrum whilst still being good enough to actually use and I was not disappointed.

Makeup Obsession are a London-based brand that allow you to build your own custom palette for eyeshadow, blush, contour and highlight. After reading a bit, I found that you buy the palette and products separately. The cosmetics snap into place and come with their own cases so you can mix and match the palette as needed.

At the moment, Boots offer the medium (holds six individual items) or large palettes (holds 12). They come in black, white, hot pink, silver, gold, rose gold and matte black. They also stock over 50 eyeshadows! I love shadow so it was a no-brainer, I had to have a few of those. Plus, I was in need of a new blusher and fancied a highlighter as well.

The palette itself cost £4.00, the eyeshaows were £2.00 each, the blush and highlight were £3.00 each. Total cost: £18.00. I don’t think this is too bad considering you get to choose your own products.



I forgot to move the beauty blender.

The first thing I want to talk about is the case itself. For a £4 custom palette with a mirror, its a bargain. The click lock is extremely sturdy and its minimalist design speaks to me. However, I took it carefully out of the wrapper and in 0.4 seconds it was covered in fingerprints, cat hairs and scratches. This thing is not going to stay pretty for long, let me be clear.

To use, you unclip the products from their individual packages and press them into the palette where they click in place. Great idea. But once in the palette, they are a little loose and come free very easily as the underneath of the palette is open so you can see the colour names. I feel like it would be better if there was a piece of plastic to clip over that, so that they aren’t constantly being pushed out-of-place when you pick it up.

But, look how gorgeous these colours are. I picked up 4 eyeshadows, a blush and highlight.

Lucky Charmcosmo
Sun Ray (blush)moon
Moon (highlight)

As soon as I saw Moon, I had to have it. It’s completely gorgeous and in the pan it looks like it has a soft lilac tone to the shimmer. On swatching, it looks definitely more silver. I think the name sold me before I even saw how lovely it is.


I have KourtK by Kylie Jenner on my wrist, but that review is for another day! Top to bottom: Rapture, Rare, Sunray, Lucky Charm, Cosmos and Moon.

A couple of days ago, I tried a simple look with these eyeshadows and I have to say, I’m not that impressed with their pigmentation at all. The blush is quite bright, but blends really quickly. However, I do think the tone is wrong for my skin, but I’ll keep working with it. Maybe I can repurpose it as an eyeshadow or something.

I used Lucky Charm on the lid, Rare in the crease and Rapture in the outer corners and lower lash line, as well as a dab of Sun Ray blusher. Not that you can tell in the photos, but I also used a tiny bit of Moon on my cheekbones.


I cannot figure out how to stop my mascara from clumping lately. And in case you’re wondering, the lip colour is L.A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick in Snuggle with some chapstick over the top.

To get any colour, I had to go to town with Lucky Charm and still, it’s barely there. Rare is also very sheer but Rapture seemed to not be too bad. I’m not really sure why, but the shimmery shades looked a bit oily on my lid. I’d just applied concealer to across my eyelids, as a makeshift primer, and it was matte, so there was no oil to speak of.

The shadow also didn’t last very long. I applied this, went to meet my sister and her kids and did a little shopping in the town centre. By the time we got back, less than 2 hours later, all but the lower lashline was gone. With this stuff, you will definitely need a good primer and possibly a setting spray if you want it to last.

On the plus side, sheer colour means its more buildable in certain areas and mistakes will be easier to correct. Plus, there was no fall out at all, which I really liked. I hated having to fix blobs of eyeshadow after finishing my make up. The colours are really easy to blend, even the darker shades. The highlight was not composed of chunky glitter, it gave me a glow but it’s definitely not day-to-day if you’re into the subtle look.

Overall, this is a nice budget custom palette. I loved being able to choose colours and products that I will actually use (there’s always that one shade you never touch in a palette).  The colour I’m most impressed with is Rare. It’s stunning, very pigmented and went on my skin easily. The remaining colours also washed off with very little effort and a small amount of cleanser – which is always nice. I can’t bear to scrub away make up.

If you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful, on the sheer side and personalised, this is a winner.



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