Kylie Jenner Lip Kit – KourtK

I’m the first person to say that I honestly do not like the Kardashian/Jenner family. They are false and ridiculous. However, I have to admit that their make up is something else.

Particularly, the Kylie Lip Kits.

I’ve been avoiding buying one, mostly because I cannot stand those people and partially because its just lipstick that I can buy in a dozen other places for far less than the hefty price tag of $29.00 (£22ish). However, my bestie Sabre got hold of KourtK and found she wasn’t so keen on the colour, passing it along to me. I’m not adverse to a good hand-me-down, so I was pretty excited.


The first thing I noticed was that they are incredibly lightweight. The lipstick feels like there is hardly any product in it at all. I’ve seen other reviews and Youtubers saying that theirs arrived only half full so I did the swipe test and it seems to be a good 2/3 full. I’m not complaining.

The lipstick packaging is nice enough. Nothing special. I like the logo but its not exactly amazing. However, the lip liner isn’t a twist up and is made of plastic meaning I had to sharpen it. SIGH. This is my absolute bug bear. If you’re going to make a pencil that needs sharpening then use wood. It’s so much easier and better for the environment. Aesthetic is not a good enough reason for unnecessarily plastic products. Rant over.

My lips are incredibly uneven, both in thickness and in shape. The only way I can seem to make my lips look more symmetrical is to line them entirely, not just the outside. So, I just went for it with the liner.


I couldn’t get it to a point, no matter which sharpener I used, so I gave up and used it slightly blunt. As you can see, feathering. It’s not attractive. I figured that applying the lipstick would stop this, once it had dried, so I popped that over the top.


What an incredible mess.

I messed up my lower lip corner. But the lipstick itself went on incredibly patchy, drying fast on the edges with little lumps of product, but staying wet in the middle. The above is one coat.


This is after 2 coats and a few minutes of waiting. Looks even worse. The feathering is out of control. Its still patchy and the outside of the lip looks a totally different shade to the inside. I’m not sure how or why that happened but it did.

Not deterred, I decided to try again without the lipliner. Sometimes a liner can just make things worse, in my experience.


This was SO much better. There was still a little patchiness on application around my bottom right corner (photo left) but I think this was down to me. I tried two thin coats and the application was a lot less messy. It dries incredibly quickly so any mistakes can’t really be recitified. I tried with a cotton bud and some make up remover. It didn’t do anything other than clump it up.

And then, I made the mistake of touching the lower lip to see if it was dry.


So by then, I’d had enough and wanted to take it all off. I used micellar water and cotton pads – like I aways do for stubborn make up – and it did remove. But it literally peeled off in chunks. It was easy enough, but felt disgusting. Afterwards, my lips were drier than they’ve ever been in my life and I kept finding chunks of purple on my clothes.

It was really discouraging to find that such a highly adored product is rubbish. I’ve had liquid lipsticks, I know how to apply them. I’m not amazing but I’ve never had such a bad application before. So, I went online to see if it was just me. And alas! It is not. KourtK is known as the weakest of the formulas, for both coverage, application and longevity. Which is an absolute shame as I love the colour.

I think that I’ll definitely keep it and work with it, see if maybe there is something I can do with the lipstick – but I might chuck the liner out. It doesn’t do it for me, I’m afraid. The plastic packaging and feathering ruined it.



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