My Favourite Youtubers

Everyone has an opinion on Youtube stars. I’ve been using the website since it first launched, back in 2005, and have witnessed some vloggers success and many failures.

My favourites



Bunny Meyer started her channel in 2010, doing mostly paranormal videos. Eventually, she branched out into beauty and fashion, as well as series such as Does This Thing Really Work?, First Impression Fridays and recently, World’s Weirdest. She’s open about struggles with anxiety and depression, is sincere and endlessly sweet, making me a long time subscriber with no end in sight!

Nikkie Tutorials


This Dutch baby (see what I did there) is a make up genius. She shot to fame over the last couple of years with her The Power of Make Up video that surprised a lot of people, resulting in the creation of the disgustingly misogynistic phrase “take her swimming on the first date”. Nikkie is hilarious and incredibly talented. I could watch her apply make up for days.

blndsundoll4mj AKA Trisha Paytas


While opinion is definitely divided on this woman, I am a fan. Trisha Paytas is blonde, crazy and a lot of fun to watch. She has insane storytimes about her years as a stripper, escort or just playing the field with celebrities (such as Crispin Glover and Anthony Michael Hall!). Her channel is never boring, let’s just say that.



Emma is a singer/song writer, Lush addict, charity endorser and downright hilarious. I’ve been following her on and off for a few years, across several different channels. She’s a bit of a gobshite, but if you can get over that she has some pretty great content

Philip DeFranco


SXEPhil was the very first Youtuber I subscribed to, in 2007. The boyfriend and I used to watch his videos together after work. Aw ^.^ . He does news round ups including his take on current events and pop culture. His show has evolved a little over the years and he’s not afraid to share his opinion these days. Plus, he’s still all about the monkey!



One response to “My Favourite Youtubers

  1. I like Emma and Philip as well. Emma is fun to watch and I love her songs to be honest while Philip’s opinions are always intriguing to listen to. Also his podcast is great to listen to while you pretend to work XD

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