Bargain Beauty Products Under £5

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a girl on a budget, and I’m also partial to a good bargain. I’ve spent a lot of years trialing different products of varying prices, and what it comes down to is that expensive products aren’t always worth the money. Sure, it’s nice to have a bit of luxury now and then, if you can afford it. But am I going to spend £30.00 for just one item on the daily?



Here are some beauty items that do what they say on the tin, and won’t break the bank. I haven’t included a foundation in this list as I’ve yet to find one that works for me.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Transparent Powder: £3.99


I cannot talk about how good this product is for the price. It’s a basic matte powder for setting foundation and although it looks slightly peach in the packaging, it goes on clear. I have combination skin and a terribly oily t-zone. This keeps my face matte for 3-4 hours after setting my foundation in the morning. Sure, I have to reapply a few times on a long day, but I’ve had to do that with Bare Minerals, which has a price tag of £21. You also don’t need much, so the 14g pot will last a long while. It does cake up if you go overboard, but that happens with any powder.

MUA Eyebrow Pencil: £1


Yes, you read that correctly. One whole pound for an eyebrow pencil that isn’t too waxy, isn’t too soft and you only need to use a tiny bit. I do my eyebrows almost everyday (as they disappear when I’m not wearing makeup and I look like an alien) and I’ve used about 1/3 of the pencil since Christmas. The colour range isn’t extensive, but it’s quite buildable, so you can adjust accordingly. However, without setting it can smudge, so I set mine with a little unscented lip balm (classy), brush through with a spoolie and it lasts all day.

Any of the Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palettes: £4


Makeup Revolution is a brand that does not get enough credit. Their products may be incredibly cheap but you aren’t losing out on pigmentation, blendability or staying power. Their palettes are often dupes for high-end products. I own the Redemption Iconic 1 Palette (pictured above), it is a really good dupe for the Naked 1 Palette, by Urban Decay, which costs around £38! Some of the shades can be pretty sheer but they’re buildable.

Boots Natural Collection Lash Length Mascara: £1.99


If you like natural looking eyelashes with a hint of definition, this is perfect. I prefer more obvious looking mascara, but this baby is great for every day use. It comes in Black and Brown/Black and is a no-clump, no-fuss formula, meaning that you only need one coat for natural lashes, and two or three coats for a bit more drama. It gives lovely, long lashes but doesn’t have a curl to it. That’s not the end of the world as a pair of eyelash curlers will do that for you.

Collection Velvet Kiss Moisturising Lip Creams: £2.99


Honestly, the options for lipstick are endless. Almost every brand has a budget lip product that looks amazing and comes in gorgeous colours. My go-to at the moment are the Collection Velvet Lip Creams. They go on like a lipstick and don’t dry down to full matte, but have a decent staying power. The colours are gorgeous and they smell like sweets. It’s not as strong as the Kylie Lip Kit scent, but it’s still really nice. I have Blackberry (pictured), Cotton and Caramel, which is a dupe for Nyx Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt.

Seventeen Miracle Matte Concealer: £3.99


This one is a bit controversial. Not everyone loves it, but I’ve found that it’s the best cheap, matte concealer for pale girls. Its pretty creamy, goes on easily and although it takes a bit of work blending into my foundation, it sets nicely with some powder. The colours are Extra Fair, Fair and Medium. I am really pale but Fair is perfect for me. It’s great for oily and combination skin, and doesn’t crease too much around the eyes. Plus, you get a lot of use out of it. Mine lasts six months when wearing makeup 2 or 3 days a week.

Makeup Obsession Blush: £3.00


I discovered these recently and have fallen in love with the formulas. The blushes are soft, highly pigmented and very blendable. I bought Sun Ray (pictured) to use in my palette (read the review here) and found that I only need to tap my brush in the blush and I had enough for a good colour on my cheekbones. They are quite small but as a little goes a long way, it will probably last a while. As they are flat matte, you could also get a brown/taupe shade and use it for contouring!

MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter: £3.00


Highlighting has become a thing lately and I have to say, I’m liking it. I’ve tried a fair few and the best budget one I’ve found was the MUA one in Pink Shimmer (pictured). That was, until I dropped it down the stairs and it smashed all over the floor 🙈. They are so pretty! The pot is huge and will definitely last until the end of time (depending on how overboard you go with it). The shades are delicate but still strong and its so cheap.

The total cost of this face of make up (without foundation): £23.96

This is less than the price of ONE MAC Highlighter

There are so many things you can do on a budget and I’m honestly surprised at how often people ignore the cheaper brands. Not everyone can afford MAC or Anastasia Beverly Hills, but they also want to enjoy their makeup. Bargain makeup is not just for kids anymore!



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