Lush: Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

Lately, my love affair with Lush has been wearing off. Sure, their products are amazing but they tend to rattle off the same scent combinations and styles over and over again. There haven’t been many truly innovative products this year, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I fell in love with the Halloween range. There’s something about Autumnal colours and scents that always draws me in and this year was no exception.

I picked up the Autumn Leaf bath bomb in my local store about a month ago and, overwhelmed by the store scents, it wasn’t until I got home that I realised it smells exactly like Guardian of the Forest. I’m not a massive fan of that scent. It’s nice enough, but its way too strong for me. However, its a toned down version of the grassy, woody bomb and at £3.75, its a fairly average price for Lush.

I like the design, it’s a simple leaf with a peek at some gorgeous colours around the sides. It’s extremely seasonally appropriate and I was interested in seeing how it would look in the water.


After a few weeks, I was sick of looking at it in my Lush drawer, and feeling particularly worn out after work one night, so I dropped it in the bath, hoping for something interesting.

I wasn’t disappointed.


It started out fizzing pretty slow and I usually get annoyed by that, but there was something about the scent and colours that I found particularly calming. Red and yellow foam gushed out of the sides of the bath bomb, leaving a pumpkin orange trail in the water. The scent was a lot more mellow in the bath and I was glad of that as grassy tones tend to get up my nose.


It was gorgeous in the water, leaving my skin exceptionally hydrated and soft until the next day. The final bath water-colour was a dark orange, that remained highly scented until it washed down the drain. My only complaint is that there was no lustre in this bath bomb, I think it would have given it an edge.

Autumn Leaf was a surprise and I’m so glad I managed to pick it up. If you like Guardian of the Forest and Twilight, I highly recommend grabbing one before the Halloween stock runs out!



6 responses to “Lush: Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

  1. Lush is amazing, I love their skincare products but funny enough I have never tried their bath products. I for some reason completely forgot that of course these bath bombs also have benefits to your skin. I thought they were just meant to look pretty at first. Nice blog by the way.

    We’re currently looking for some great beauty/lifestyle content on Would you be interested in sharing your thoughts, opinions and tips on the platform? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail so I can expand on that. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hopefully talk soon.

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