DermaV10 Pore Strips

Over the last 15 years I’ve used a lot of pore strips. And when I say a lot, I mean it. There is hardly a brand I haven’t tried and I’ve never really had much success with any of them. Looking over the DermaV10 Deep Cleansing Nose Strips packet, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the product. Like every other pore strip on the market, they promise to clear out my blackheads and give me flawlessly smooth skin.


But, I am a sucker for the idea of a blemish-free nose, so I gave them a go.


As with every other pore strip, you cleanse your face and dampen your nose before sticking this strip down. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and carefully peel off.

I did as instructed and the first thing I noticed was that these strips are not in any way designed for the contours of a human face. They do not bend or fold to the shape of your nose, especially the tip. I had to crease mine to get it to lay flat along the length of my nose.


Look how thrilled I am at trying yet another pore strip.

You can see on the photo where its lifting up in places and refused to stick to my nostrils. I know how to use pore strips and these just did not want to stay put.

That being said, they dry pretty quick and 15 minutes later, it was like someone was making a paper mache mould of my face. Despite how dry and stiff the strip was, it lifted off my face pretty easily, but left a good chunk of residue and weird glue behind. This was not ideal.


These are the best pore strips I’ve ever used!

They lifted out so much face gunk it actually surprised me. Even market leader Biore has never worked this well for me. I’ve included so photos so, if you’re not squeamish, keep scrolling.


Usually with pore strips, theres a good amount of hair and a few tips of blackheads on the sticky side but this lil baby ripped out a few good ones. It didn’t do much for the nostrils, but nothing ever really does. Either way, I’m seriously impressed.

These didn’t hurt, or feel uncomfortable, and they did a decent job. They’re also only £1.79 in most shops and a quid at Poundland, which is a nice bonus. I’m going to work my way through the packet and see how it goes over the next few weeks but I think I may have found a new bargain favourite.



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