L’Oreal True Match Foundation

Over the years, I’ve struggled with finding a foundation to actually match my skin tone. As a really pale person, this is not an easy task – especially if you don’t have the money for high-end. Lately, I’d resigned myself to living with Bourjois Healthy mix but it’s not a particularly great product. The more I used it, the more I disliked it.

L’Oreal True Match seemed to have really good reviews with pale skinned bloggers, and generally high ratings on beauty websites. So, when I ordered myself a bunch of new products from Superdrug, I added it to the basket.

The shade I picked was 1C Rose Ivory, which is the cool version of 1N Ivory or 1W Golden Ivory. Again, great tone selection for the white girls, but I think people of colour might struggle a little bit with the darker shades.


When I opened the box and saw how light and pink the colour was, I was so pleased that I had to just stop and thank the makeup gods. Do you know how hard it is to find a good light foundation?!


I really liked the packaging, it looks more expensive than it actually is and with a pump dispenser, its hard to go wrong. I’ve never tried a L’Oreal foundation, and always considered their makeup for people who had their life together, so I felt slightly fancy when I opened up to check out the formula.


The makeup itself is thin, without being watery and very similar in consistency to Bourjois Healthy Mix. Swatching it on the back of my hand and the inside of my wrist, I was pleased to see how well it blended and actually matched my skin tone. The dispenser is a little too liberal and I accidentally squirted out a full face worth of product when swatching.


Admittedly, in the photo above, it looks slightly peach toned but that’s only because the insides of my arms are so incredibly pale. Everything looks dark there. Also, I put it on top of a yellowing bruise (I’m always hurting myself in work). Because I’m smort.

The first test was without primer and using my Boots Blending Sponge. I actually forgot to moisturise, so it may have hindered how this turned out.bb1

Not my best look. The foundation brought out my dry patches and whilst it covered the MASSIVE spot on my chin, it did literally nothing about under eye circles – which honesty, I shouldn’t expect foundation to but I always do. I have some dry patches on the tops of my cheekbones and between my eyebrows and this foundation brought them out, making my skin look flaky there. I couldn’t get my camera to focus to get a photo.

I decided to try it with my Max Factor FaceFinity All Day Primer underneath.


I used WAYYYYY too much on top of the primer. It went blotchy, uneven and my dry patches looked worse. I couldn’t do anything with this and the blending sponge. It was impossible to make it work.

So I took it all off and began feeling slightly worried that I had bought, yet another, naff foundation. As a last-ditch attempt, I used it with my Spectrum flat buffer brush.


I only used half as much this time and it looked a lot better. The dry patches still showed up quite a lot, but this was probably due to the agitation of applying and removing makeup several times. The match seems a lot more true to my skin than it did when using the sponge, so I think the buffer brush is the way to apply. Again, my bags were impossible to conceal but that’s what concealer is for.

I did look really washed out at first and it was a concern but when I applied the rest of my makeup, it didn’t look half bad at all. I forgot to take a photo that day so this is from the day after, with pretty much the same makeup, but using the blending sponge.


I wore this face of makeup from about 2pm until midnight and the only part of foundation that wore away was on my nose. I forgot I had it on and rubbed it. Clever. My T-Zone did get a little oily, but nothing compared to when I’m normally wearing makeup, so that was a nice surprise.

It removes quickly and easily with micellar water and a cotton pad but, I did notice that there was a bit of residue left behind, meaning I then had to wash my face with my Vichy 3 in 1 Cleansing Scrub/Mask. This removed every trace of makeup, so it wasn’t too arduous a task.

I think I’ll be sticking with this for a while and will see how it pans out. The foundation is definitely not good if you have any dry patches, and looks incredibly pale until you add powder and blusher, but overall I’m pretty okay with it.

L’Oreal True Match is available at Superdrug for £9.99, or £7.99 for Beauty Card holders.



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