Dove DermaSpa Goodness3 Bodycare Ritual Unboxing

I love a good gift set and this Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive five of them, so I’m set for at least the next six months. My brother gave me the Dove Indulgence Gift Set, and as soon as I opened it, I fell in love with the clean, fresh scent (as well as the box it came in, which now stores bits and bobs on my dresser). So, thank you brother!

Seriously though, how lovely is the packaging!


Goodness3 Body Cream:
This huge tub will last me ages. Lately my skin has been dry as hell, so this will be amazing for restoring moisture after long baths.


Goodness3 Body Lotion:
This is a lighter version of the Cream and will be brilliant for using daily. Lort knows I need it right now!


Goodness3 Indulgent Hand Treatment:
Perfect for popping into my bag, to revive my hands during breaks at work. I have a pretty physical job and although I wear gloves most of the time, my hands still suffer for it.


Manicure kit:
I’m hoping this kit will encourage me to start painting my nails again. I’ve never been bothered about them, but I feel like the older I get, the more I should pay attention to the details. It comes with a fancy af acrylic nail file, tweezers (its like my he knew my old pair were on their way to the bin), a thing for digging crap out from under your nails (idk what it’s called), nail clippers and scissors.





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