Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro HD Powder Contour Palette

For the last few months, I’ve been getting into contouring. Nothing serious like those people on Instagram who don’t seem to have boundaries, but just a smidgeon of cheekbone definition here and there. Maybe a bit of a nose snatch, on special occasions. I’m not terrible at it, but I have been struggling with finding the right shades for my fair skin. When most beauty companies label their products as Fair, what they really mean is slightly less tanned than the average person. Which doesn’t exactly do much for us that are really pale.

Someone suggested the Sleek Highlight Palette, as their powder products are brilliant. And whilst the highlight is GORGEOUS, the contour powder is still much too warm toned for me. I’ve tried loads of different brands, yet nothing seemed quite right.

For Christmas, my mum got me the Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro HD Powder Contour Palette in Fair. Despite the above concerns, I immediately saw that several of the shades would, in fact, work for me!

The highlight (second left) is so bright! I also love that it includes several different tones of matte highlight powders, and a banana powder for setting. Each tone of contour is pigmented without being too dark. There’s a cool tone, warm tone and neutral – something for everyone.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to play with it. I used the two shades below and stepped to it!


Close up, you can see my cheekbones. To carve these out, I used the B. Flat Contouring Brush. Review coming soon! All you need is a dab on the brush – no swirling required – and it applies evenly, blending out beautifully. I only used a tiny amount for a day time look but this could easily be built up for that “my cheekbones could cut glass” effect. Which always reminds me of Maleficent…

I set my under-eye concealer with the muted pink shade, it matched my skin tone and foundation PERFECTLY. I was shook! It also lasted all day without creasing.


Here, I lightly bronzed across my fivehead, but the lighting sucks in my house so you can hardly tell. It was VERY subtle as I can’t stand having obvious signs of contouring on my fod. I gave nose contouring a go but I never know if I’m doing it right. It looked okay, I suppose? I also did a bit of jaw shading, to make my jaw line a bit sharper and hide any signs of a double chin. I’m not sure if it worked on the jaw but that chin is hid.

The highlight I’m wearing is a combination of one from the Makeup Revolution Blush Queen Palette in Sugar & Spice and a dab of L’Oreal Powder Illuminator in Icy Glow. The camera never quite picks it up.


The final look.
I am so happy with this! My face is sculpted without being too dramatic and it gives some much-needed definition to my hamster cheeks.


Lipstick: Sleek Matte Me in Velvet Teddy.

I highly recommend this to any pale girls who are struggling to find a decent contour match and anyone on a budget. Or just everyone, I recommend this to everyone!

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Contour Palette is available to purchase at Superdrug for £10.00



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