Makeup Revolution Blush Palette

I’ve always loved a good bit of blush, as being a pale girl, you can look severely washed out after applying foundation. In the past, I’ve always had the odd single pan in a pale rose-pink colour, using it up before purchasing another one and never really having any variety. Until recently, I’d used the same No7 blusher/bronzer duo for five years. That probably hasn’t done my skin any favours in the long run…

And with all the new makeup looks I’ve been trying out, I realised that I needed a variety of blushes to go with them, so I decided to pick up one of the Makeup Revolution palettes. I’ve always liked Makeup Revolution. Considering the prices, the quality of their products is amazing. I snagged myself their Sugar & Spice palette from Superdrug, for only £6.


The blushers looked gorgeous, as well as the two highlights. I was so excited to try them.


I was pleasantly surprised at the pigmentation and tones. They all seemed wearable for every day and evening makeup looks. The lilac hued highlight is stunning. It’s creamy, soft and shimmery without being chunky. I don’t think I’ll get much use out of the pink highlight though, it’s too intense for me.

The photo below was the third pink on the top row. Whilst it is a very pigmented palette, it can be a little bit too much at times. I applied my usual amount, but it was quite bright. I had to blend it a fair bit, then top with some powder to subdue it. For every day, I only want a hint of colour.

Ugh, Becky with the bad brows


A top the contour in the photo below, I used the second blush on the top row, a caramel colour. I loved this one. It was warm without being too much and gave my cheeks a healthy peachiness. It was slightly less pigmented and easier to blend than the pink, meaning it was less of a chore to work with.

I loved this look so much. I really think the orange tones for the eyes are a good colour on me. Maybe I’ve found a new favourite.


On this, I used the first colour on the top row – slightly darker than the one above. It gave my skin a radiant, natural glow and I loved it.


The silver highlight is my favourite. It’s stunning. I love lilac undertones in my glow. I don’t know whether I would use some of the colours (the darkest pink and the pink highlight) as I am very fair-skinned, but for £6, I’ve got four other products that I love.

I honestly can’t complain about this palette. It’s gorgeous and as you only need a tiny bit, it’ll last a long time, as well as being more than affordable.



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