Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick

Like a lot of people, I love the concept of mattle lipstick, you don’t have to continually reapply and it’s moderately cheap. Enter, the liquid lipstick. It’s taken off in recent years and its only been the last six months, or so, that I’ve managed to catch up on the trend. I’ve tried some that I really liked (Nyx Soft Matte) and some not so much… But one brand I kept hearing good things about is Sleek and after using their contour kit, I wanted to try something else. When ordering from Superdrug recently, I chose one of their Matte Me liquid lipsticks in the shade Velvet Slipper.


I immediately fell in love with the colour. It’s a grey toned purple, that reminds me of crushed velvet (hence the name) and I thought it would fit in nicely with growing collection of purple-ish lipsticks.


As you can see, on the skin, it looks considerably darker than in the tube, as liquid lipsticks usually do. I imagined that once it dried down it would be a truer colour.

I’m not a big fan of long tube liquid lipsticks that use the doe foot applicator. I find them difficult to use. I need something that allows me to hold it closer to the face (or has a larger applicator tip, like Nyx Lingerie) as I have naturally unsteady hands. Although, I knew that it would be a doe foot when I bought it. I don’t know what I expected.

Being that it’s a dark colour, I found it difficult to apply neatly and it took me a few attempts to get it right. My natural lip line is majorly uneven so it takes some work to fix that and ensure the lipstick looks half decent. I had to work very quickly as this product doesn’t play around. It dries in seconds, which doesn’t give you any time to correct mistakes. However, the corners of your mouth take FOREVER to dry down. Which can be an issue if you’re prone to smudging your lipstick.

I applied as I usually do, ensuring the product coated the inner part of the lip that you can see when talking and let it dry. When I opened my mouth, that whole section was gone. It refused to dry on my inner lip and ended up all over my teeth. I’ve never had this problem with a liquid lipstick before, so that was a bit of a disappointment. The last thing a girl wants is to end up with butt hole lip.



Did I mention how much I love this colour? It’s not patchy at all, but I have found that if you’re not careful, the lipline can be a bit more intense than the rest of the lip.


Corner gunk after 20 minutes. Why, Sleek?!

Because it dries down so quickly, it’s easy to apply a few layers, if you want to. But you really don’t need it. One coat of this little baby and you have total opacity. It’s highly pigmented and because you need only one layer, I can see this tube lasting forever. It also takes a lot to wear away. The first time I wore it, I put it on at 4pm and when I got home at 11pm, it was still, more or less, in place. Although I did have considerably more butt hole lip This was after a KFC, several drinks, half a bag of M&M’s and being out in the rain. Very impressive.

My final look:
As you can see, Velvet Slipper is gorgeous with warm toned eye makeup.


The lighting in my house did me a favour for once.

I’d heard that this lipstick wasn’t as drying as Kylie, or Colourpop, so finding out that the formula had changed and it sucked the life out of my lips wasn’t exactly a thrill. My lips felt thoroughly dehydrated and in need of some TLC. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known that the formula had been changed. I’m more of a soft matte, or satin matte, girl. That being said, the colour is beautiful and it was £4.99, who am I kidding?

When it comes to removal, this isn’t as difficult as you’d expect. The Matte Me formula, while drying, is easy to remove with only a few drops of micellar water. I followed this up with a serious amount of The Body Shop Vanilla Lip Balm (as it’s the best, but unfortunately was discontinued) and my lips were fine by the next morning.

Overall, this is a great matte liquid lipstick. It’s pigmented, long-lasting, does what it says on the tin and you get change from a £5 note. What’s not to love?



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