Ebay Finds: Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Eye Cream

My sleeping patterns have gone out of the window in the last few months. I was used to having a set work routine, therefore always managing to get a good amount of shut-eye. But I now work flexi shifts and have very early mornings several times a week. Gurl, I am tired and my eyes are paying the price for it.

I woke up one morning, took one look at these huge bags in the mirror and proclaimed SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! But unfortunately, at the time of this purchase, I was on a serious budget and couldn’t afford to spend £15 on a decent eye cream. I scoured Boots and Superdrug for anything decent on offer and there was nothing for less than a fiver apart from their own brands which I’ve tried before and don’t work.

So, I turned to Ebay, thinking that someone would be flogging a Garnier eye cream on the cheap and the first thing that popped up was Snake Venom Eye Cream. I was shook. Snake venom? In a FACE product? We’ve got snail secretions so why not that, I thought. It was only £1.95 and I was sold. As it was so cheap, I figured I wouldn’t care it if it was rubbish and could just chuck it in the bin.


It was delivered only two days later, which was lovely. I hadn’t noticed that I’d used a UK seller so I was pretty chuffed with that. I hate waiting for things to be delivered from overseas. It always takes an eternity – if it turns up at all that is. Unlike those nail wraps I ordered in July. Where you at wraps?! The seller was worse than useless, don’t even get me started on that one.

The tube was typical eye cream tube sized, with the traditional skinny nozzle. I always get a bit overzealous with these things and end up dispensing half the tube onto my hands, whilst sitting there confused. My inner grown up (lol) forced me to chill out and after moisturising later that night, I squeezed a pea sized amount onto my finger and divided it onto my eye bags.


This was too much. I only needed half this amount. Most of it was wiped onto my towel.

I patted it in and after about it a minute, it had been fully absorbed by my skin. It didn’t tingle or anything, which I had been expecting. If something tingles then you believe its working. I wanted something to assure me I wasn’t wasting my time. But alas, nothing.

Each morning and evening, for a month, I dutifully applied the eye cream and pat it in with a dainty finger, like some Stepford Wife. After all that time and effort, I was eager to reap the rewards of my discipline and….

Nothing happened.

I was a bit disappointed but for £2, I don’t know what I expected. I would not recommend this to anyone as it doesn’t do a thing.



3 responses to “Ebay Finds: Balance Active Formula Snake Venom Eye Cream

  1. Snake venom sounds terrifying.. but its a shame that it didn’t do anything! I have an unused double of the oOlution eye cream that i received in a glossybox that i would never be able to use up if you want it 😅

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