March: Favourites

I’ve been loving a few things this month, some new, some old…

Sleek Contour Kit

I bought this way back in October, but I’d hardly touched it since. The problem was, it wasn’t exciting. The highlight looked so-so and the contour was simple. No bells and whistles. However! I popped this on with a fluffy brush one afternoon earlier this month, before heading to the cinema, and immediately fell in love with it. The contour powder is just the right shade for my skin tone, the highlight is natural but still has a lovely glow and you literally only need a tiny dab of product. I can’t believe I neglected it so much.

Versace Bright Crystal


Versace perfumes are some of my favourites and with my recent Superdrug order, I was chuffed to find I’d received a free miniature of Bright Crystal. It’s gorgeous. Fresh and stunningly floral, this perfume is perfect for both day and night. When this runs out, I’m definitely going to pick up a bottle…when it’s on offer.

Boots Dry Shampoo in Original


I must be the only person in the world who doesn’t like Batiste, the beauty community’s ‘holy grail’ of dry shampoos. I think it smells rank, you need to use half a can to get it a good spritz going and it doesn’t last. This own brand gem is the exact opposite. It’s freshly scented, a little bit goes a long way, gives incredible volume and it lasts from morning until you next wash your hair. I typically use it on day 2, when my hair is on the cusp of dirty and I know that by the time I leave the house I’ll have a greasy shine going on. My hair doesn’t feel dry or chalky, like it does with other brands, which is always a huge bonus. And it’s only £2.29.



Have you ever seen a film that made you so strangely sad that you think about it for days afterwards? An engineer experiments with AI by implanting it into a damaged police droid. He is targeted by a criminal gang who want to use the police droid to stage a robbery, but are stuck with the child-learning sentient robot they name Chappie. Honestly, this was fantastic. Created by the team behind District Nine, this film did not get enough credit.


Okay, okay, I know I’m behind the times with this one but it’s really coming in handy. I’ve finally found a foundation that is the right shade and I needed more options. If you’ve never used this website before, all you do is enter all the foundations (brands, type and shade) that you’ve previously matched with and it gives you others in very similar shades. It’s amazing for those of us who don’t have time to go to the shops to test out shades.


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